AMati journal update starting at -5.5 and -6.75

So I went for a second opinion regarding my eye prescription yesterday. I was able to get the optometrist to check my eyes based only on my sight without glasses as well as with the tests that they had done to check my eyes. They also neutralized my glasses as I did not know what their prescription was.

He said that what people with 20/20 vision can see at 500 feet I can only see at 25 feet.

He wanted to give me a prescription of the following:
OD S -5.50 C - 3.75 A 004
OS S - 7.00 C - 1.50 A 180

The glasses I am currently wearing are the following:
OD S -5.50 C -3.00 A 178
OS S -6.75 C -1.50 A178

My glasses do have a slight blur but it does not get in the way of doing any distance activities and I find that close up activities I can feel the strain after a while.

The difference in what he wants to give me spherically is so minute, however the .75 jump in astigmatism correction in my right eye would hinder progress and make my prescription trickier to reduce. I told him I can see fine in my old prescription.

He also talked a lot about how what is going on with my eyes is genetic and how he is the head of the clinical board for the school of optometry at a university in a nearby province. Kind of indicators that I would not get any help with a reduced prescription. When I told him that I would like something reduced for close up he told me that because of my age I perhaps was starting to need bifocals and he would check for that. Im 40 this spring. Anyways, he checked for it and I don’t need them (which I knew already) so the conversation regarding having a reduced prescription separate from my current pair stopped dead.

So, moving forward it looks like I will be on my own. I COULD travel 1.5 hours in the opposite direction from my town and go see another optometrist but I think maybe I will save that for a later date…say next year…when Ive reduced my diopters a bit.

I think the plan going forward is to order glasses online. I got the optometrist to quote me on a pair through them. it would cost me upward of close to $700CAD for a pair through them. That’s more than I would pay in a year going through an online glasses retailer so that’s a no go for me.

I also think that I’m going to stick with my current glasses prescription for my distance base point prescription. What he wanted to give me was similar to the other optometrist and that correction did not feel right. With my glasses, while there is a bit of blur, i feel comfortable and feel like my eyes are working better than in the prescription in contacts that i was given last Fall.

Now to order my first set of differentials!

I think what I will do for the first set of differentials is the following:

R S -4.5 C -3.00
L S -5.75 C-1.50

Im still going to have the problem of high astigmatism in my right eye but perhaps in my next set of differentials I could just reduce astigmatism? Or maybe in my next set of distance glasses just reduce astigmatism? Im leaning toward the second option but i guess its a wait and see game.

Have you tried measuring your centimeters to blur? That was my breakthrough into thoroughgoing Enmyopia. If I had just relied on optometrists, I’d still be walking around with two more diopters in front of my face than I need.

I just measured using the calculator on the Endmyopia website. I measured 18 cm in right eye 15 cm left eye which puts me right at -5.50 and -6.75 according to the calculation. Kind of confirms that moving my left eye up .25 to -7 would over correct. I think that would mean the same regarding the -0.75 of cyl correction that he wanted to add in.

Its a few days later and im thinking a lot more about what I should do. Im toying with the idea of reducing the astigmatism correction in both eyes by -0.25 along with a diopter reduction in both eyes for the first set of differentials.

I remember reading/hearing to just reduce one focal plain at a time but also have heard in one of Jakes videos (I think it was the one about getting a second opinion or one of the ones about working with an optometrist to get a reduced prescription for close up) that you dont need as much astigmatism correction for close up work.

I know in the end this is a very personal decision. Im just thinking, if I make the .25 cyl reduction perhaps it will make things go smoother later on as my right eye will fairly quickly have the same amount of cyl and sph numbers. I may just be over thinking things (my husband tells me this all the time!). I guess im just feeling some anxiety about how best to start.

Admins…realized i posted this in the wrong area. Are you able to move this to the 20/20 gains thread so its in the right place?

You have some good astigmatism numbers maybe check out @kem journal on astigmatism. But you also have a bit of time to workout the astigmatism in the dioptor journey. I would say the first time you start to keep it simple so you can get the process going and get a feel for how you respond. Ciliary lock up can take time to reduce.

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Thanks Jenn! I will check out @kem for sure.

Be sure to measure multiple times (recommendation is morning before work, after work, and before bed) and average those measurements across the day to get your working CM. Also try to do each measurement using the same methods and under the same lighting conditions.

Also don’t forget to compensate for vertex distance when measuring CM. Your raw CM conversion gives you diopter values for contact lenses, not for glasses. This becomes a big deal when you’re over -4 diopters of correction (spherical equivalent).

To illustrate… a measurement of 18 cm = -6.00D after vertex compensation and 15 cm = -7.25D after vertex compensation. That doesn’t include cylinder correction which needs to be accounted for as part of the vertex compensation as well. Once you account for vertex compensation and the likely difference in light levels between your home measurements and those in the doctor’s office, that doesn’t sound that much of an overcorrection, if any at all. Keep in mind that adding more light can reduce your prescription requirements by 0.25 to 0.75 diopters (or more) depending on the difference in light levels. I use specific artificial lighting and verify with a light meter to keep my lighting consistent when I do my cm measurements.

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Thank you for this! I will definitely keep that in mind and will work at developing the habit of checking my cm’s through the day. I will have to keep in mind what you said about the vertex distance as well. There is so much to learn and keep in mind to figure this all out but I know in the end it will be worth it!