Amazing active focus session

My family was just driving back from lunch with our friends. We were all sitting in the car, the sun was going down already and my husband was driving, so I decided to do some active focus. Normally, I always focus on something (like a street sign or so) when my husband is driving the car and after a while the AF disappears. Sometimes I can hold AF for like a second, sometimes even for 20-30 seconds. Usually, when I blink, it disappears. But sometimes when I blink, my eyes can automatically go back to AF mode and I gain another 20 seconds or so to practise.

Anyway, this time I have noticed that once I focused and I was about to blink and then I blinked, my eyes got back to AF mode automatically. I decided to take advantage of it and was basically in a constant AF mode the whole time we were driving (like 45 minutes). I kept appreciating the AF mode and was switching my eyes from looking at one object onto another. Maybe my eyes traveling from one object onto another also helped to keep the AF ongoing. As we got out of the car, I could see everything quite more in focus than ever before. I even looked at the street sign from my window where I always see the name very blury. This time I could read it and it was not as blury. I then checked my Snellen and my eyes really improved during this 45 minutes of ongoing AF session.

Im not sure if it was just a conincidence or if that happens normally as we sort of clear our normalised already a fair bit and are approaching a point of reducing by another 0.25D. I have been having my new normalised for about 1.5 months now and I feel that I might pretty well need other 2 weeks of intensive AF exercise and I will be ready to drop.

I have been doing my Endmyopia programme for 3 years now but this has been the first time this happened to me. It could be that the days started to be longer in Central Europe and there is more light but it could also be that my normalised contact lenses are now -3D (my contact lenses at the start were -5.75D) and it might be easier to get into an AF as we reduce our myopia.

But I just wanted to mention that if you ever get into this ongoing AF mode, please keep doing that as even just 30 or 45 minutes of this ongoing session could improve your eye sight a fair bit!

Im sitting at home now and enjoy seeing all the sharp edges etc. which I saw a bit blury even a day ago.