🎙 Ancestral Mind Podcast: The Endmyopia Episode

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Did another podcast some months ago, that’s finally aired:

Listen here.

Or … :

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/are-eye-glasses-a-billion-dollar-scam-with-jake-steiner/id1451423010?i=1000498819657

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2vIgzy28NqVw2xk5HYE7uK

Google: link

The Ancestral Mind, endmyopia podcast page.


All podcasts are about the same Endmyopia, but each of them is unique.
This is definitely one that I’ll add to my list that I send to my contacts when they ask me about EM.
Good job. :+1:

The extras added to the conversation are always different, depending on the host.
I liked that “screen addiction to avoid boredom” was mentioned. Also liked the discussion around introducing a bad habit and then trying to tweak it / fix it by introducing yet another new thing, instead of just dropping the first new bad habit.



Thank you. And yes very much depends on the host. There are seemingly endless things to get into.


Another great episode. You maybe understood that learning curve a touch lol
Overall it is really great that the word is getting out. My husband’s cousin told me he recently heard some star or other talking about this (he couldn’t remember where, or who). But he found it interesting because he has (half) listened to me about EM and now he has heard it elsewhere too. The word is out, people who want a choice are finding out they have one and that is worth celebrating.


Need to find a decent sculptor. Get ahead of the impending demand for those statues in front of optometry schools.

And busts. People tend to overlook the importance of busts.

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:joy::joy::joy: yeah good thinking, gotta be on top of these things.

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