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Hey there! Very new to this forum, and really appreciated reading all the individual success stories. I thought I’d contribute and start my own eye diary, if not for others, but for my own sake in convincing myself I haven’t placebo-d my eyes into improving.

Some personal history
Really enjoyed playing video games and reading books since I was a kid. Would spend hours upon hours sitting in front of the computer during the day, and reading at bedtime. When I was like 9 or 10, I was out with my family and they were trying to make out what some signage in the distant said, and I didn’t even realise there were words on the sign. My parents took me to get my eyes checked, and I have worn glasses since. Originally I would only wear glasses to look at the board at school, but one day an optometrist told me to wear glasses while on the computer as well, to avoid eye strain (which I never suffered from in the first place). Of course this was what really helped advance the decline of my eye health. Still, I consider myself lucky, given my relatively low diopter measurement compared to others.

How I found Endmyopia
Fast forward to the start of this year. I’ve moved out of home and got myself a shared apartment. In my last year of university, and looking forward to eventually getting a job in a field relevant to my study. I start thinking about what long term improvements I could make to my life starting now, so that eventually a Future Andrew will be very thankful to present me. By chance I’m curious as to what the internet has to say about improving eyesight, and I stumble about Jake’s videos.

Initial scepticism
I put on my cynicism helmet immediately. What I had been led to believe was that eyes were very fragile things. That bad eyesight was purely genetic, and any environmental factors only served to slow down or speed up the progress of myopia. The bold claims that Jake was throwing around, combined with his dislike for optometry, made me wary. I investigated what the rest of the internet had to say about his theories. Despite my scepticism, I couldn’t for the life of me find concrete proof that he was wrong.
90% of people seemed to just claim it was untrue without discussion on how.
5% or so were people that had tried applying what Endmyopia talks about, and had gotten results.
The last 5% were intelligent responses that acknowledged the results, but attributed it to blur adaption, or other biological processes that weren’t “actually” reversing myopia.
Regardless I wasn’t able to find a single response that “debunked” the theories. Moreover it seemed like attempting to follow the Steiner stairway to stellar sight wouldn’t do any damage to my eyesight; worst case scenario I remain myopic - best case scenario I improve my eyesight.

First results
What captivated my interest the most was that, if the core principles of Endmyopia were true, I really shouldn’t be wearing my glasses up close. I realised it would be equivalent to something ridiculous like someone with good eyesight doing closeup from 5cm away.
From the start of this year, I stopped using glasses for any and all up close work. Soon after doing this, I noticed that my eyes would no longer be bloodshot after spending hours on the computer. This gave me hope that I was at least not damaging my eyes further.
Around March I went to the optometrist for the first time in a few years, and at the end of my appointment I asked if they could give me glasses with reduced prescription as I was getting headaches for up-close work (a cheeky lie, I was fortunate enough that bloodshot eyes were my only nuisance). She told me “No need! You’re prescription is down from last visit. You must’ve been over-prescribed”. Obviously I hadn’t been over-prescribed for years without noticing. I thanked her, and got my new, lower diopter glasses. I had asked what my prescription was and what it was now, but unfortunately I barely remembered. I was just so focused on how this Endmyopia thing might have some credit to it. What I did remember was that there was a small difference between my eyes, and my old glasses were -2.75, with my new pair at -2.50. Which eye it was, I have no idea.

Beginning my journey
I was pretty ecstatic after that. It was only a small change, it gave me a lot of hope - and more importantly it gave me motivation to take the whole concept more seriously. I started searching for academic papers on myopia. Even while aware of my own confirmation bias, I still only found papers that confirmed the hypothesis that myopia is not strictly genetic; that it can be caused by environmental factors, and maybe possibly, with enough pixie dust, it can be reversed by environmental factors.
All the meanwhile, I’m watching more of Jake’s youtube videos. I’m not a podcast kind of guy, but the podcast/interviews with people that have successfully reduced/eliminated their myopia gave me a lot of hope and resources on how I could go about the same journey.
I made the bold choice of ordering a pair of -2.25s online. I was debating whether to get -2.50s instead (I was still uncertain of which eye was -2.50, and if it was my better eye, that would’ve meant I was reducing from -2.75 to -2.25 in one jump), however I had spent so many weeks consuming Endmyopia media, that by the time I got around to actually ordering glasses, the current glasses were feeling too strong. The -2.25s were much more comfortable, and for the first time I had the tiniest amount of blur challenge. Despite being pretty terrible at active focus, I was able to clear up the blur very easily during daytime.

Where I am now
Almost all the blur challenge of the -2.25s are gone now. I have ordered a pair of -2.00s from Zenni, and it should arrive in two weeks (ages, I know! I think I need to start using the Aussie site that Gem uses). While I wait for them to arrive, I think I’ll give some time for my worse eye to catch up. Reading some of the testimonials here I realised I might’ve been naive to assume that my eyes would magically balance to the exact same diopter. Turns out that my right eye is a bit worse. I’m unsure of if I should do anything special to compensate. I think I’ll just let my eyes do their thing, and see what happens. Good news is my -2.00s will arrive just in time for a week long trip with plenty of opportunity to get good eyesight habits in.

Love ya’ll
Sorry for the wall of text haha. Just wanted to document the important parts of my journey. I’ll post update replies with every decrement, and hopefully I’ll get to celebrate that magic 0 diopter update with you guys eventually.

TLDR: Started with around -2.75, and am about to get on -2.00s. Unsure of if I should take any steps to deal with my slight difference in eyesight between both eyes. Looking forward to future updates


I loved your wall of text - it puts your story into a clear framework. There is still no outright confirmation or refutation of the hypothesis underlying the EM method, but this should not put anyone off. It it works, it works, and enough people have proven that it works, including myself.

You are right not to worry about small diopter differences between the eyes. The visual cortex is amazingly clever at making the most of your visual inputs when you challenge it to do so.

We look forward to your updates. :grinning:

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:laughing: Sounds like it is time for Jake to do some rebranding!

Loved reading your mental process in working out whether there was anything to this EndMyopia thing. Really glad you decided to give it a go. With the possibility to do this all for free, there’s nothing really to lose anyway. That was exactly my feeling at the beginning to.

That seems reasonable. I am struggling with trying to equalise at the moment, and a lot of EndMyopians are encouraging me not to worry about it too much. I wasn’t, but it has gotten to a stage where when I drop my correction, my left eye gets worse (gives up?) so that makes me want to pause and give it some special attention, but if your cms keep climbing, then it doesn’t matter so much that they aren’t exactly equal.

I got quite the surprise to see my own name here! Haha! I’ll just say… because I was buying so many glasses from them, I signed up as an affiliate - if you click the link to Clearly in the description of my youtube videos, I get a little kick back :wink: No obligation, but doesn’t hurt to mention it, does it? Haha. So far, all my little kick backs are from purchasing my own glasses from my link :laughing:
And I just saw your post in the introductions thread - yay for another Australian! :smile:

Very excited you have decided to give EM a try, and it sounds like you are off to an excellent start!


(just edited the end of my previous comment, as I realised you are in Australia!)

:smiley: :+1:

I can’t actually “withdraw” until I reach $100. This is going to be a loooooong wait. Haha.


Yes, it was reading your posts that actually caused me to consider the fact that I should be testing my eyes separately. You inspired me to give patching a go. The first 5 minutes were really weird. Felt like my vision in the bad eye was ‘sampling’ eyesight at a much lower rate than my good eye, if that makes sense. I’m assuming my brain wasn’t relying on it as much as my better eye. After a good 20 minutes it felt no different than my other eye. That was a few days ago, and so far the effects have stayed, so I haven’t patched since. It could’ve been nothing, but I’ve convinced myself that I was just able to give my brain the message that it shouldn’t neglect either eye.


Haha well it’s just another lovely opportunity outside of your myopia journey to practice patience. If I ever order from there in the future I’ll be sure to use your link :grinning:. Us Aussies gotta support one another haha


Yes yes yes! Totally relate!
My left eye can also seem more grainy than my right eye sometimes. But I don’t think it is a separate issue - I think it is just trying to process. It’s nothing I would ever have noticed if I weren’t doing EM and paying so much attention to my vision.

That’s great that you feel the patching has helped! Glad you gave it a go then. Let’s hope that gave your visual cortex the message.


Haha, indeed. EM is just a ploy. It doesn’t actually improve eye sight. It is all a trick to develop more patience in the populace.


sounds normal - your brain relies more on the input of the dominant eye and takes a while to switch if the dominant eye is covered

and Jake benefits from this because reasons :smiley:


Even some of the anti-bates stuff is silly. Oh, these people are just seeing better because of tear film… And having more tear film is a problem why? Sounds like a win to me!

We still lack good data for EM, but we also lack any data that directly disputes EM, and at the very least we have several case studies of people improving their visual acuity at lower refractive corrections than where they started.

Glad you’ve found some success so quickly!

Just a quarter diopter difference is no big deal, that’s normal and natural, almost nobody has exactly the same. So one eye sees red better, and the other green… I wouldn’t worry about it, just get what you need to maintain the edge of blur in the right place for your work.


-2.00 Update

So the new -2.00 glasses arrived a few days ago! Very exciting. Feels nice to be here, my first whole number milestone. I could tell I was ready because there were a day or two recently where one of my eyes got a bit of an overworked ciliary despite adequate distance vision. I got the telltale itchy/sore eye and bloodshot stripe from caruncle to iris.

When I put the new pair on, I was happy to see a little bit of blur challenge. Seeing clearly had gotten way to easy for me, but I’m glad I spent an extra fortnight in clarity, to give my brain a little reward and troubleshoot the minor eyesight stuff that is too tiny to notice.
Unfortunately, the frames were ever so slightly askew. I tried bending them, with a hairdryer on standby, but couldn’t really achieve anything noticeable. Either the plastic has a really high melting point, or it’s got something metal inside preventing me from bending it. I tried switching the lenses from the new pair to the old pair, but I couldn’t get any lenses out either! Maybe I needed more force than I thought, but I really didn’t wanna break either pair trying to get the lenses out. Might have to revisit the hairdryer idea later.

I’ve had a few days now to wear the glasses, and it seems like I got used to this new prescription really quickly. The first day of wearing them, I went to a very outdoorsy zoo, on a really bright day, and spent the entire day getting really great eye stimulation, in the most ideal conditions possible. By the end of the day I could really feel my eyes. Like they had been working their hardest to active focus the entire day. The next day, I barely had to active focus at all. If not for the annoying slant of these frames, I would have thought I was accidentally wearing the old pair. Seems like my eyes really went on double time to get used to this new focal range. It’s actually a bit disappointing because during this sunny day today, I was desperately searching for blur, anywhere, so I could clear it up, but everything was almost perfect acuity.

Measuring my distance to blur right now, its sitting right at the cusp between -2.25 and -2.00. Feel like maybe I just wasted money on a worthless pair of glasses if I’m gonna have to jump down so soon haha. Hopefully there’s still minor tweaks my eyes/brain can make before I order my next pair. I don’t wanna get too optimistic and order a -1.75 right before a cloudy day hits, and it turns out I can’t see anything after all.

I think the next steps I’ll make will be to wait a bit and figure out if I should stay longer at these -2.00s or zoom straight ahead for the -1.75s. I’ve heard the horror stories of progressing faster than you should, but at the same time I’d like to think that I’m basing these musings on purely my level of acuity instead of just Chasing That Damn Number. Next week I’ll be spending 7 days right next to a beautiful beach, so it’ll give me plenty of time to do some healthy vision activities and contemplate my next steps.

Curious to hear what your thoughts are!


I assume they are identical frames. There is a trick to this that I have used very successfully. Soak the glasses in fairly hot water (but you must be able to put your hands in the water) and the lenses push out more easily (still under water). There are youtube videos showing you at which end to start (top). It is harder to get them back in to a frame, so I learned to shave a bit off the edge that is resisting being pushed back in with very fine sandpaper. Keep it strictly on the edge of the lens, and you will not scratch the surface. It also works with a sharp knife, but I find the sandpaper method easier. They will go back into the frame a little more easily and none of mine have fallen out. Shave off the edge a little at a time and keep on trying them in the frame. You can also use the hot water method to pop them back into the frame. I don’t have a hair dryer, and the advantage of the hot water is that you keep the frames warm while you are fiddling around with them.

It’s worth a try and means you won’t have to rush into an early reduction.

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Thanks for the tips Hannie! I might give it another go later on.

And don’t worry, I won’t be rushing into an early reduction because of the frames. Despite being a bit annoying, I can tolerate it. Only reason I’ve been considering another reduction so soon is purely because of the clarity.

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The next transition will be easier if you hang out awhile on this one.

-1.75 Update

I’m back with another update! The -1.75s have finally arrived. Despite the poor quality of the last frames, I ordered the same frames yet again as I couldn’t find anything better-looking on Clearly (sorry Gem!). The fit on these -1.75s are much better than the -2.00s. I had a few embarrassing moments with the previous pair where they literally just flopped to the ground whenever I’d so much as glance downwards.

As for the clarity - major déjà vu! Once again, putting on the new glasses, everything is crystal clear. If anything it looks clearer than if I were to wear the -2.00s. It seems like I’m improving faster than my wallet can keep up with. Yet again I’m almost disappointed at the fact I can’t find any blur challenge to clear up, but mostly thankful of the fact that my active focus at the computer is so effective. Seems like that habit has been doing the majority of the heavy lifting - which is exciting for now, but I’m worried about how that habit will translate to the lower diopters. Certainly at some point my progress from print-pushing must slow down as the blur horizon moves swiftly past the screen distance, at which point I’ve got to hope my habits away from the computer are strong enough to prevent halting my progression at some arbitrary point before emmetropia.

As for now I’ll enjoy the snugly fitted frames, and I’ll probably be back all too soon for a -1.50 update.


That happened to my right eye, so I just closed my wallet . I was only using glasses for driving, and as soon as I could see 20/30 without correction I stopped doing that as well. Perhaps you could experiment with a bolder reduction next time. If it turns out to be too much, you have not lost anything, as you will be getting to them soon.
Congratulations on the improvement. :smile:


-1.50 Update

Another reduction, another step closer! I’ve been wearing these for about two days now and it sure is nice to see blur again - a welcome challenge. Thankfully the -1.75s did end up giving me a bit of challenge for a while! You might recall that I was seeing perfectly at the start of that reduction, however it seems either my eyes were trying too hard to please me, or some of the rearranging of the furniture inside of my eyeball caused some temporary misalignment. Regardless, I was struck with a lot of double-vision about a week or two after the reduction. However, after my eyes sorted that out, it was a very comfortable journey of finding the slightest amounts of blur I could clear up.

There’s only so much leisurely AF I can tolerate, so now I’m back to another reduction! Feels exciting to be back to clearing up street signs instead of faraway skyscrapers. I made the most of the recent Black Friday sales and ordered 3 pairs from Zenni, so now I’ve got a -1.25 and -1.00 pair waiting for me. I considered a bolder reduction of 0.50 instead of the traditional 0.25, however my addiction to clarity begged me not to. Besides, I am close enough now to emmetropia that I’d rather not fix something that isn’t broken. I’ll happily accept the extra spendings for a guaranteed stroll to perfect vision. Once I get to -1.00, I’ll revise whether I want to go down the path of weaning myself off glasses, or keeping the same 0.25 reduction method to 0.00.

Exciting stuff to look forward to!


Congrats on the progress so far and keep up the good work! I too find that after a reduction , everything looks too good for the first day or two before things get challenging.