Angry Optometrists

A couple of precious comments from optometrists in our Youtube channel, and fun reactions from our darling FB group members:

“Optometrists are health focused”:

“Like growing your penis 6 inches longer”:


Can’t read that as I don’t use Facebook, but I agree with the statement you posted above. Non-retail private practice Optometry seems to be becoming more and more like non-surgical Ophthalmology, sometimes to the detriment of the vision part of the exam.

The other statement is simply absurd, and inappropriate for a professional to say. I would not go to such an individual who made such comments. It also makes no sense.

The thing is, even if hard to imagine for us: they probably do believe it. Like most doctors who started out to help and heal, most of them probably did as well.


Belief and common practice are very difficult to overcome, even in the face of strong evidence to the contrary.

Bleeding a patient was still fairly commonplace in the late 19th century. Traditional medicine probably killed a few US presidents. [Interestingly, leeches are now used to improve blood flow to re-attached appendages; cool stuff.] Eugenics was scientific consensus in the early/mid 20th century. In the 1950’s MD’s were doing commercials touting the medical benefits of cigarettes. How many scientists did the church attempt to execute for challenging the status-quo?

Whenever you hear “scientific consensus,” run for the hills. Science is HARD and must be subjected to decades upon decades of intense adversarial scrutiny before truly becoming valid. Lots of bad science remains unchallenged because vested interests protect the status-quo. That’s one reason it might be best for @jakey to maintain a low profile until inertia changes the eyeball paradigm.

It’s only when a large enough portion of the population sees the commonly accepted wisdom as a horses arse that the profession will begin to pivot. Then, suddenly, “new” research will appear showing how one can improve vision. They will follow, not lead. Until that time an array of vested interests will align to squash this endeavor like a bug.


Maybe four years back my retail optometrist got mad. I simply asked in a kind way during the eye test for my PD to be provided. They refused, “we don’t provide that!”, it was kind of funny and educational for me how concerned they are about people buying online.

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I have a theory as to why that is. It’s more than just critical mass and paradigm shifts at the population level.

Here’s the critical piece…the optometrists, future optometrists, contact lens designers, etc. are just us. They’re regular people like us, among us, and some have the same interests as us. It’s that passion of a few people that pushes the profession forward. Key word…people. individuals with their own minds and curiosity.


Imagine if physicians made money from medicines…if you asked what dosage you needed, and they gave that answer…

This is THE exact reason why many don’t consider optometrists real doctors. A few ruin it for the many.

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