🧙🏻‍♂️ Animated Beard: Why You Can't See Sh*t

Second of the animated video series:

(Yes the beard depiction is aspirational.)


Don’t forget to link to the 1998 paper you referenced (I didn’t see the link in the description box.)

Not sure this is the right one:


Thanks! I did drop it in the pinned comment. Somehow seems people read that more than description. Will add there as well.


I came to know about ciliary spasm and NITM after reading many blog posts and success stories. These videos make them more interesting and easy to understand.
I wish I have seen your videos back in 2019 :nerd_face:
Probability of finding EM : 0.0025%( ∴ Lucky Guys)


Your comment is unpinned as of now. Love the new animation series :heart::heart::heart:

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This may be the most crisp, succinct, but still info-loaded one yet. I’m sending it to nearsighted friends.

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So I checked the video. The content is great in my opinion. What I don’t like that much:

  1. I’m not really fond of this “rugged edge” style of drawing. I like clean lines much better. But obviously that’s pretty subjective :slight_smile:
  2. I think this “smooth voice” doesn’t suit you (and generally Endmyopia materials) that well. Of course I know these should be beginner friendly, “anti-guru” materials :smiley: But I would be curious how it would sound with a more natural, more direct tone where you don’t control your voice that much. This current one feels too close to a sales pitch for me. The “Allright, now you’ve heard my smooth, relaxing and sweet voice in this short ad introduction, which makes me more likeable, and you trust me more, so you more likely accept the exclusive, just for you, just now, once in a lifetime priced course option” vibes :slight_smile:

But don’t misunderstand me, it’s overall great :slight_smile: I’m just trying to sand the rough edges :smiley:


Agree on point one, disagree with point two. The source of like 80% of Jake hate over years is his current tone in most of his vids, people perceive him as arrogant etc. Super nice sales-pitch + look at the studies with no mention to paid course is :+1:

I can think of a few guys who are succeeding in vision improvement on delivery and not merit. People just like calm guys, they don’t want the hard truth. IDK. I think a lot of Jake’s videos assume the listener knows a lot before watching the vid for instance, the assumed knowledge, probable lack of a script and ‘do it all in one take magic’ is great for explaining loads of content to the top 10% who are gonna do this no matter what, but fails to convince the people who ‘don’t have time’. These vids are definitely a great alternative and a step in the right direction ror those guys.

That’s fine though. @gemilymez talks about ‘personality access points’. All the other vision improvement guys are single, blocky, monolithic sources of information. I am the lord of this method. Etc. Buy my course. We have many up and coming YouTubers, an active public forum, Discord, Wiki, Facebook, improvement reports etc. That outward appearance speaks volumes as well.

It helps our method actually works too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (sorry bates guys, your method works on the same mechanism of the eye but far less efficient and too round-about)


I understand the sentiments around missing “Jake’s default style”. Who doesn’t like a proper rant from him? :sweat_smile:
However, these are materials designed to reach total beginners. Smooth and slow speaking - that’s what a person needs to get the basics delivered, especially if he/she has limited listening / reading skills in English.


Why not both? By the way you don’t link the actually study, rather shady.


+ @BiancaK

Both of you misunderstood me. I’m not talking about @jakey’s usual “ranting” style. I’m simply speaking about his voice tone. I would rather have him speaking like he would speak to a friend in a casual conversation. I’m not talking about the text, or the style. Only the voice tone.

But as I mentioned maybe I’m mistaken, and first I would like to hear how that would sound like. Maybe @jakey if you would have time to re-record (a part of) this same video’s sound? :slight_smile: (I have absolutely no clue how much time that takes, so nvm if that’s too much)

maybe he doesn’t even have a normal voice tone (by now) :scream: :sweat_smile:


That’s actually my natural voice. If I order food at a drive through, that’s what I sound like. Daaaaaaave.

(I know what you mean. I don’t know how to do voiceovers. Also the next one I just recorded, it’s probably the smooooothest yet. Oops. Keep the feedback coming!)

I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I see is waves of adulation and considered dialog.


I did though. Twice. :thinking:

I’m trying not to overthink it. There’s a point where all that leads to paralysis and then I do nothing. Writing a script, recording it, and paying the animator is already way outside of my “one take magic rant” comfort zone. :joy:

There. You got it.

I’m totally none of these things. It’s weird and unnatural to try to emote at a piece of glass and red LED on a tripod.

I watch some YouTube show on watches (GREY MARKET - YouTube). That guy Roman I used to think is a douchebag idiot previously, based on some solo videos. Since seeing the flow and interactions, totally changed my view.

While watching that keep thinking of our videos and scratch the magnificent beard. Though of course neither bears any relation nor do we have the material nor who has the ambition or reason to go beyond the … “one take magic”.

There is a lot to be said for the human connection social bits. Not forgetting this. There is some more interesting way to do all this, don’t know so far what it is.

Just trying out a few of these animation things to see what happens. Best part is how we all partake in our own ways and the things continue to evolve. :wink:


You want to suggest that’s not how you communication 90% of the time? :rofl: Ok, I get it :slight_smile:
And you are totally right on the “leads to paralysis” part. If I would have done these, I would have recorded 10 try of different styles, try to find out which is the best, and in the end, not post anything :sweat_smile:

Yeah, we tend to forget that when talking to the camera, the person is not really talking to us. But to a generalized person. It can feel a bit weird even in English, but this problem is really problematic in Japanese. In that language how you form the sentences, what words you use, etc. is totally depends on who you are talking to, based on situation, social status, (relative) age, etc. Because of this they practically never talk directly to the audience in shows, because it always sounds weird, if not outright rude. So there is almost always at least 2 person and they talks to each other, instead of talking to the viewer.


The analytics will be really interesting: Number of views, retention, etc.
That will be the best feedback.

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I don’t think there is Jake hate, there is only truth hate/loss of money hate.

3rd in the animation series. My new favourite :heart:


I don’t think I even know how to do any of those things. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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