Anonymous: -15.00 to -12.50 in 10 years

EndMyopia and AF.

I’ve hidden the identity due to this being posted in a private group.

His initial Rx was
R -18.50/-2.00
L -16.00/-2.25

And from a usual BVD of 13 mm that means -15.00 on average of axes and eyes.

Now he wears
R -14.75/-?.??
L -13.50/-?.??

Reports he does not see clearly in the last, also we will assume he did nothing against astig’m.

So, the last Rx means a SE of -12.50.

Useful calculator is at

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This is very encouraging for high myopes. It also confirms for me that a fairly high tolerance of blur does not necessarily prevent reversal of myopia - as was my case. I suppose one could call his approach of a 2D reduction as semi-commando. :wink:


My full prescription is -17, my last pair of optometrist purchased driving glasses are in the -16 range. I wear -14 as differentials. That’s just a starting place, not a lot of progress.