Another 13 Year Old With -9 Diopter Myopia 🤯

Check out this excerpt from the BackTo20/20 forum today:

This stuff makes me genuinely so angry, every time. These complete Id*ots in retail optometry literally cause massive progressive myopia, directly with their treatment, while the whole time watching it. It’s like, how stupid can somebody really be, watching the direct impact of their “treatment” over and over, hundreds and thousands of times, and NEVER connect the dots?

Especially since the truth is just a Google Scholar search away (lens induced myopia). Or just understanding basic vision biology, ie. axial change being an environmental stimulus result.

And they get younger and younger kids, and induce higher and higher myopia.

Double digits at 13, that’s completely screwing up that kid’s life.

Ignorance or otherwise, I despise the entire profession (not individual people, but what they do) with a passion. Obviously. I put untold hours and by now easily six figures worth of USD into this project, and I’ll keep doing it. People need to know, parents need to know, that this is all a giant pile of bllshit, for profit, fostering professional ignorance and worldwide dependence on stupid sht lenses.

Please do be an active part of this by spreading the seed of doubt about myopia. Nothing radical, nothing preachey, just little hints and links to clinical research and whatever seems appropriate (without seeming too nutty to the uninitiated - resist being like Jake!).


It’s almost a crime to put young people on a path like this. It’s a damn shame.

If only they would tell people to only use the correction for distance vision and nothing else. However, as you said before. Giving a kid effortless great vision, good luck trying to take it away from them again. They actually addict them to these vision aids. It’s really a crime. It’s hooking someone on a product to make money and make sure they stay ever dependent on it, like smoking, alcohol, drugs and sugar.

I’m appalled, like you.


Hi Jake,

You have such a good heart. I’m so touched by your genuine care about young kids.

In China, myopia has become appallingly prevalent among young kids. My 9-year-old daughter is unfortunately one of them. I wish i had known you last year when she had only mild myopia. Now her prescriptions are -2.0D in the left and -2.25D in the right.

Most of my colleagues wear glasses and i’m one of them (-3.0 L, -3.25R), though i dont wear glasses unless necessary. And no one believes that myopia can be reversed. They are either too lazy to try, or used to glasses, or they think its a lost cause.

I know words don’t teach. I’m determined to show them the truth by my own example.

You have my gratitude forever for your life-changing knowledge and heart-warming kindness.



I’m totally (sympathetic) with this, it’s heartwarming to see how much you care about children’s well being and to prevent them from having an myopia dominated life. It’s clear you are a caring father!

It’s scary to see how common double diopters are getting, in even younger people like teens. I thought having a -12 in one eye was bad at my (considerably higher) age. But I’m reading about teens having -15’s and younger ones having myopia like -7. Definitely blaming the industry.


It’s like the obesity epidemic. It used to be unusual to see someone over 350 lbs. Now it’s an everyday occurrence in most cities.

I’ve noticed so many friends and acquaintances who have extreme prescriptions. People in my parents’ generation seldom got worse than -5 or -6