🎧 Another Podcast Having An Endmyopia Episode!

This one with the great and funny Stuart from 180Nutrition.

Of course you’ve heard pretty much everything I talk about there before - but do check out some of the other guests and episodes! https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv-guests/


I was thinking about this today…Rich Roll has a podcast (I read his book, Finding Ultra), which is geared to the fitness crowd. Huge listener base, and I can’t imagine a group of people who’d want good vision to go along with their athletic avocation as much.

Rich Roll


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Hard part is getting on their radar.

Stuart for example has a roster of guests that’s really a lot of “A list” when it comes to online awareness. Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, Chris Kresser, etc. Only ways I could think of getting noted by anyone at that level would be either 1) an intro by somebody in their circle or 2) a lot of tweets / social media prodding.

It’s still something requiring some strategizing. :thinking:

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