🎧 Another Podcast Invaded By Teh Endmyopia!

:headphones: Another Podcast Invaded By Teh Endmyopia!

This one with Frank McCaughey from ‘Behind The Curtain’. A very relaxed and casual chat - on a topic that you already know everything about. :smiley:

Right now just the preview is on the Tubes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W16HlzZpONs

There are a couple more about to come out, and lots more on the schedule.

They’re obviously all the same subject we already know about. Experimenting a bit with letting the conversation flow and talk about whatever the host is into - rather than the previously more rigid and ever-repeating talk about bla bla bla myopia basics. Trying to work out how a good flow might work for these kinds of chats.

(also yes obviously, we have the universe’s irony of it being my ridiculous face and general social awkwardness front lining the effort … barely able to uncringe-myself after watching a few minutes of any of them)

Good news either way though, the efforts of spreading the word are real and so far not giving up on fighting the ignorance of retail for-profit optometry. Podcasts, great medium, moving away a bit from just text-on-screens, interactions, conversations, and getting to hear other people’s reactions when finding out about what myopia is really about. (that part, quite interesting actually … and often feedback on stuff we’re maybe not delivering so concisely to newbies so far)

As mentioned in another thread, will soon start to also have these kinds of recorded video chats with fellow participants, endmyopians, those-who-improveth-their-eyesights, discussing their gains and experiences. Continued goal of making endmyopia more about all of us and less just one crazy old dude preaching from his tattery soap box in some nutty Internet blog. :stuck_out_tongue: