Anti-Fog Products for Glasses

I am in no way affiliated with this guy. When wearing face mask, the fog is a big problem because it gets in the way of focus pulling.

What do you guys think about this? A product that defogs glasses. Wanted to get you guys’ opinion on this man made product. Jake has said eye drops are bad for your eyes. Do you think this product would be harmful to vision/eyes somehow?

I also found an anti-fog cloth. Again, am not affiliated with them in any way. What do you guys think of this?

Optician said me all glasses, even the most expensive ones, fog up. If I am strictly against it, I should use contact lenses.

There’s actually anti-fog glasses that activate by wiping them. I looked at reviews and they actually work. My only concern is if they are somehow bad for your vision or eyes.

What do you guys think?

When I swam laps daily for exercise I used a thick-ish liquid on the interior of the goggles – spread with a cotton swab, let dry a little, shake, swim. It worked perfectly no matter how much water or sweat got in the goggles. The only downside was a little eye stinging if I didn’t let it dry enough before swimming. I expect you could get it t any well-stocked athletic store.