Any endmyopia-friendly optometrist in Austria? Or at least someone who is not overprescribing?

Dear fellow users,

Im not sure how many members are based in Austria. But it would be handy to get an optometrist that knows about Endmyopia and is Endmyopia-friendly or at least someone who does not tend to overprescribe, but even rather makes undercorrection (if that is the right word).

Vienna surroundings would be the best, but I would drive as far as 2 hours away from Vienna if the eye doctor was good.

Any ideas?

I’m in New York, so I can’t be of any real help to you, but at least in the USA the “behavioral optometrists” tend to be philosophically inclined to use vision therapy instead of drugs, surgery, or over-prescribed lenses.

You might call one of the local ones and see if they’re friendly or not. I’d like to visit one someday myself but I think they’re probably expensive so I’ll just study on my own instead.

aaah, that is an interesting link. I have found there one optometrist already based in Vienna who could be interesting!

I might also contact all Austrian members of endmyopia if they have any ideas!

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