Any love for monitor arms?

I’m surprised to find zero mentions of this on the entire forum. Monitor arms are awesome for adjusting the distance to the screen.

I’ve been wanting one for a while and two weeks ago I finally got one. I’m absolutely loving it and I think others might too. What’s great about is that I can easily adjust both the height and distance to my screen, which has been great for keeping it near the edge of blur and is a dream for ergonomics. I no longer have to conform my body to the screen, but I can move the screen to suit where my body is comfortable. If I’m tired and want to slouch and lean on the table, I can move my screen lower and further away. If I want to sit up straight or lean back, I can move it closer. If I want to really challenge my active focus, I nudge it back a bit. If I’m tired of fighting the blur, I just pull it a bit closer.

Specifically, I splurged on an Ergotron LX and have no regrets. I’ve modified it to support my laptop by screwing a nice piece of wood to the VESA mount. I can’t tilt it to sit completely flat, but my laptop’s rubber feet keep it from sliding down the incline. Then I use a separate mouse and keyboard on my desk.

The Ergotron LX is at the premium end with $150 and is only really necessary if you plan to use it with very heavy monitors. If you are interested in buying one, look into the ones with a gas spring for easy adjustments. Good models are available for under $50. If you do any significant amount of screen work I would consider investing in one.


I would arm everything if only life here wasn’t so transitory. :joy:

Recently spend $4 on a microphone arm (and after a week, promptly haven’t been back to that apartment in going on six weeks now - thanks covid).

Best $4 I spent in a while. Imagine just being able to adjust the position of things floating over your desk! It’s pure magic! Also way better sound, podcast hosts commented on it unprompted (“best audio I’ve had from a guest yet”).

I would love a monitor arm. Or indeed, just not being at the mercy of coffee shop tables and chairs and lugging around a 16" laptop everywhere.

Enjoy the arm! :yum:


I know! I can’t get over my levitating laptop:

The reflection gives away the trick. :sweat_smile: Not quite at the point yet where I can truly make things levitate, but I’m working on it.

If anyone thinks the screen looks unusually yellow, that’s due to f.lux which tones down the blueness of the screen. Highly recommend installing it if you have eye strain, it’s particularly helpful at night.


I see people here use pretty elaborate stands for laptops, with bluetooth keyboards and mice … in coffee shops.

Really quite tempting but then also the bag will end up being rather enormous plus at what point do you go, “yea maybe I just need a home office and not do this in public”. :joy:

Of course if you do have a home office, you get fancy arms and plants on your desk and a nice window view!

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And then all you need to round it off is a track with ambient coffee shop sounds. :grin:


Get a bottle of caffeine pills and a cash register and you’ll be all set. Put $5 for a latte in the register every time you want some caffeine, and in no time you’ll have saved up enough to afford one of those fancy espresso machines and hire your own barista.

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For me it’s the set of routines of getting out of the house. Or hotel. Or apartment.

It adds at least two real distance vision time breaks, it removes me from a space where I relax otherwise, it opens up the possibility of running into a friend or meeting new people. Also limits my otherwise tendency of being a complete creature of habit. Also, excuse to ride motorbikes somewhere.

And coffee here in Asia in most places is anywhere from $1 to maybe $3 if you go somewhere real fancy like. :joy:

Quite a few of the small ongoing life tweaks all about getting away from screens, if only for a little while!


Oh I do envy you living in Asia! That island in the podcast looked heavenly. It would be a waste to spend any more time inside a hotel than necessary.

Yeah I feel a bit dirty bringing up ways to make long hours in front of screens more pleasant. :sweat_smile:

With a full-time job requiring a minimum 8 hours of screen time daily plus working on my own business where 95% of the tasks are currently also on a computer, I’m looking for ways to limit the damage. In the medium term I definitely plan to reduce that though when I can lower my hours at my job and the business tasks will also include manufacturing, shipping etc.