Any tips for getting rid of last bits of astigmatism over time?

I’m sure there are a lot of people here with tiny bits of astigmatism left…under a half diopter. Or maybe, like me, you never had a whole lot to begin with, and worked to prevent it from increasing over time, don’t wear any correction for it, but feel that you still have a bit.

Any ideas to help get rid of those small amounts over time?

Up the blur challenge? Do more focus training in lesser light condition (night for instance) to get rid of that last bit? Might be a solution, similar to very low myopians who never got to glasses, they need to practise stuff in darker conditions too.


I believe when reducing your overall SPH, the astigmatism does away as well. I believe EVERYONE has some form of astigmatism. For those who don’t wear glasses, it’s not an issue for them because they never wore glasses to begin with, as well as having good enough vision to not even notice the astigmatism.


@Bobby, really good point.

@Laurens, thanks for the ideas to try.

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