Anybody get Vitreous detachments?

I just went to the eye doctor & they said I have it in both eyes

Wondering if I should hold off on reduced lens until it heals…wait will it heal?

we don’t do medical advice here

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It’s common to some extent, especially at older age (and in earlier, in case of higher myopia).

My not medical advice is to not worry much and check the TMJ. TMJ dysfunction is associated with such problems. Do gentle AF, in case of some weird signs (increase in floaters or flashes) you’re supposed to contact your ophthalmologist…

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I’d talk with the doctors if I were you and make sure they’ve ruled out all serious conditions. Did they dilate your eyes when they did the exam? According to the article below it can take a couple of months for things to go back to normal if there are no other issues, but there are lots of things they should be checking for.

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