Anybody tried drastic CYL removal?

Hello guys!.

My normal prescription is: OD -2.00 SPH; -2.00 CYL 180° and OS -2.75 SPH; -2.00 CYL 180°.

Lately, I have acquired a new pair of lenses because I wanted to try completely removing CYL by adding a spherical equivalent. So this morning I have begun wearing them, the prescription is: OD -3.00 SPH and OS -3.75 SPH; no CYL at all. Basically, I have subtracted a -1.00 as a SPH equivalent for -2.00 CYL.

The result so far is… interesting I’d say. Especially the Snellen test, which is the first thing I have done. I have managed to read the 30 ft line, which means a score of 20/30 (?). With the normal prescription, I have read 20/20 easily.

So since the Snellen result was not really bad at all, I decided to stick with this new pair and see what happens. The first couple hours I’ve been feeling very weird and dizzy. But I am enduring it, and now it seems to be much better after these 3/4 hours of wearing them.

Another interesting phenomenon is that I can see clearly when looking straight ahead, but peripheral vision is much blurrier. I think it is normal, but honestly I lack the technical knowledge so I quite can’t put a finger on the real cause of this phenomenon.

In broad daylight, with some active focus, I can see clearly, and if I am looking straight in the center of the glasses I feel like my vision is even more powerful than the previous normalized I was using. It looks like a real life sharpness effect. Unfortunately, as soon as my vision is not centered anymore, it becomes much blurrier.

Last thing I noticed is that everything looks more vertical than before. I mean, like more vertically stretched. And this is another weird phenomenon that I can’t technically explain.

Since after a couple hours the dizziness has eased out, I have decided to continue this experiment and see (heh) how it goes for another week. If it gives me problems, like not seeing properly when driving, I will return to the previous prescription.

So, did anybody have success in reducing high CYL values? If so, how?


I hope it works well for you!!

I’m dealing with low astigmatism (less than .5 CYL). It’s causing blur adaption and robbing me of my spherical gains. :face_with_monocle:

That part is expected. The cylinder lens was adding power in one dimension but not the other. Negative powers reduce the size of the virtual image, so the image you used to get was squished. Your visual cortex adapted to this and now that you’re wearing lenses where the world is not squished, it sees them as elongated. That part should pass in a couple weeks of wear.

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Some in here have been highly sensitive to cyl reductions, others not at all. Really depends on the individual. Keep experimenting and you’ll find what works best for you. Good luck.

While this doesn’t sound like a good idea on the surface, I think it’s good for people to experiment in wild ways because we will never know what could be learned from such anecdotes. I’ll be interested to see how this works out.

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That’s what I was thinking too, experiment and see what happens… well, after only a day I have decided to roll back to my usual glasses, because these SPH only felt too uncomfortable.

I think I have overshot the SPH correction, as I could only correctly focus my sight on distant objects. Maybe if I just dropped CYL without adding spherical equivalent, and did it for both normalized and differential lenses, it could have been viable, despite being a huge leap.

Once Zenni will allow shipping to Italy again, I think I will try getting a pair of normalized and differential with the same SPH but less CYL. I am still unsure whether to drop 0.50 or 1.00. from the information I could gather in the forum, it seems like CYL reductions are doable but it takes longer for the eyes to adapt. If I could jump from -2.00 to -1.00, get comfortable in a couple months and 20/20 in, let’s say, 6 months, that would be, in my opinion, a great result towards reducing prescription complexity.

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