Anyone else experienced blur on screens only?

This has been in my subconscious for a while, and building up…

Anyone else noticed blur just on a computer or other virtual electronic screens, but not on other surfaces or true objects located at a similar distance?

Or alternately and along the same lines, extra blur on the screen versus a real surface/object?

I generally see more blur on screens, especially if they display unnatural images.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to this. Screens tend to have bright-on-dark contrasts you don’t see much in nature, are usually fairly dim, and I also sometimes wonder about the colors… screens fake colors by mixing only three colors, which can change the chromatic aberration compared to the corresponding, real color.

Screens really give a much less natural image than it subjectively seems. At least they have some resolution now, unlike the flashing CRT monsters that started my myopia.


Yeah I remember gaming with CRTs in the 90s. My eyes felt soooo tired after a few hours. Much better with a modern LCD though I don’t play games any more


If i’m wearing a prescription that puts my relaxed (no AF/no ciliary use) focus at the screen the screen appears sharp. Since I’ve pushed that to require AF, I do have blurring at times, but thats expected. Recently I’ve noticed screens (especially my phone) can appear blurry/double if I’m wearing glasses for a much further distance and don’t bother to try to accommodate (a trick I learned years ago). But if the focus distance is correct for naked eye/glasses, screens are, and always have been, sharp in all cases for me. It helps that I’ve never really had astigmatism.

I would double check how well your glasses/eye’s relaxed focus distance aligns with the screen. Another possible source is uncorrected astigmatism.

My husband watches television shows from his home country via the computer that he hooks up to our (one) television and a great portion of the time there are subtitles. I wear my lowest differentials inside and even with low light I can get some clear lines of objects around the living room and I don’t have too much double/triple vision with people on the tv shows. When it comes to the subtitles, they are truly dancing around in my vision. A line can appear, blurry, then, in the next second, a smaller more condensed and clear line can appear within the large blurry one, and then with a blink, the subtitle will move upwards or downwards and expand or contract. Sometimes I see the print on the clothing of the newscaster but then I can’t nail down their face. It seems faces are hard for me to capture at a distance whether on tv or in real life without some stronger correction.