Anyone else's vision look like this without glasses?

So, I am in the high -3’s/close to -4 spherical in both eyes currently.

Without glasses in medium to low light, large edges or lines are fairly sharp/contrasty, with fainter ghosting or halo type doubling surrounding them sometimes. I have trained myself not to look at any secondary images, because if I do, it tends to get worse rapidly.

Smaller details at moderate distance (doorknobs, etc.) are totally indistinct and may have multiple somewhat clear reflections.

Very small details at distance (openings in electrical outlets for example) may be totally invisible in low light.

In good light, moderate sized details (e.g. bricks in a wall 30 feet away) are visible, but not distinct. Text is definitely not readable unless it’s very large.

At night, things get pretty bad. And lights have enlarged areas around them or look like multiple images (e.g. the moon). Sometimes the brain has trouble deciding between blur or multiple images.

Is this generally what you’d expect in the -3 to -4 range? Anyone else in the -3 to -4 range have vision that looks like this?

For those who have gone from say -5 to perfect or nearly so, am I in one of those major transition points in the journey of getting back to 20/20 based on what I described above? Or is every point an equally valid transition point and just as exciting as this one (meaning a lot to look forward to in the future at various points along the way)?

Hi, I am at a very similar level and can relate to what you’ve written. It does get frustrating in poor light and I get blurred vision of lights with haloes, more noticeably with my right eye which is weaker than my left. I’ve made some noticeable improvement over the last year so I guess this is just the stage I’m at.

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I’m also in the -4 to -3 range, and this sounds about right. Though I rarely wear no glasses since I started vision improvement. The image is so bad, I doubt that I can improve with it. The only exception is that I sometimes take them off completely to read from paper.

Bokeh. Yup, I think every myope has these. And I also have the impression that I get double vision randomly, as the brain tries to make sense of things.

Seems like what you’re seeing is the usual for the -4 to -3 range.

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Sounds just like mine pretty much I wear -4.25. For me it depends on how long I’ve been wearing the current prescription. At some points everything is just straight blur, other times lots of things are double imagey. However I think the reason is how dry my eyes are, when they are more lubricated I get more double images

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