Anyone had difficulty adapting to a normalized that's significantly stronger in one eye?

I don’t know how common a situation this is, but one of my parents is going to start using this method hopefully next month, and is currently undercorrected in one eye significantly vis-à-vis a proper normalized power. Based on this, the latest office refraction results, and our own at-home measurements, one eye is going to need to be increased by -0.75, but the other needs to be left alone.

I’m concerned about and curious about the potential for tolerance issues, considering it’s such a large power jump at one time and only in one eye. The “good news” is, she is already wearing a full correction pair for driving with that exact diopter ratio but a quarter diopter stronger (for over a year now). Says she tolerates those fine, which is reassuring.

But the older pair she uses at home currently, is undercorrected by 0.75 in one eye only, and therefore is no good as a normalized. Another bit of “good news”, is she’s starting to have tolerance issues toward this one.

We do plan to discontinue use of the older pair once we get the new normalized pair, assuming all goes well. But has anyone, especially those with low myopia, experienced any lens tolerance issues with such a large jump in one eye all at once?

One major reason I’m a bit concerned about ease of adaptation in one fell swoop, is because the left : right lens balance is going to change along with the diopter ratio. In the old pair, the left is stronger, but in the new one, the right will be stronger.

Also, any ideas as to what we can do to speed up getting used to the change (short of having to increase the diopter difference/lens power slowly over time)?


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If she’s wearing such a variety of glasses without any problems…
I’d guess she’ll be fine? I see you fear she’ll experience the stuff you are going through, but she’s already wearing the same ratio, and then in even stronger pairs.

No experience here, but I wouldn’t worry unless there actually is a problem.
Also, see my other reply on cyl :slight_smile:

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