Anyone have success equalizing large diopter gaps with low myopia?

I started Endmyopia in November 2020. Optometrist confirmed gains:
Right: -3.50 sph → -2.75 sph
Left: -2.25 sph/-1.00cyl x 173 → -1.75 sph/-0.50cyl x 1.65

I didn’t strictly follow all the rules and dropped my astigmatism correction right off the bat which worked out pretty well. Currently not wearing any correction for the computer or at home which I spend 90% of my time. Because I wanted to keep the focal planes the same, I started wearing equalized -1.50 outdoors in May and have not made much progress since then. My main concern it the 1.00 diopter gap between my left and right eyes. I can active focus quite well with this difference and it doesn’t bother me visually.
Should I step back and try to alternate equalize and binocular drops just for normalized?

  1. R: -2.25 L: -1.50
    R: -2.00 L: -1.25
    R: -1.75 L: -1.25
    R: -1.50 L -1.00
  2. Keep the current equalized -1.50 and give it more time

I don’t want to reintroduce complexity into my prescription. At the same time, I’m not making any progress with the equalized.
Anyone have experience equalizing large diopter gaps with low myopia?

I started as -2.5/-2 by my cm measurements and went back to old glasses with a 0.25 gap (-1.75/-1.5 and later -1.25/-1), and my cm measurements went to -2/-1.75. I later reduced too much but went to equalized, and I seem to have about a 0.125 to 0.25 gap now, considering the spherical equivalent with transient astigmatism.

I don’t have experience with large diopter gaps, so I can’t really provide any recommendation, but if I were you, I would use a smaller step for equalizing, and I would probably equalize as much as possible and then do a binocular drop only after equalizing or if it becomes too hard to equalize more, since EM recommends equalizing low myopia when feasible. Also, interestingly, that example in the article ended up doing both a binocular and equalize reduction at the same time (-2.5/-2 to -2/-1.75).