Anyone here with astigmatism that's not lens induced and reducing?

So basically I’m asking what the title says, we’ve seen videos from Jake about lens induced astigmatism, are there people here that have just astigmatism that’s not lens induced? How is the reduction going?


Do you have an astigmatism that isn’t lens induced, and how do you know that?

For myself, I have a small astigmatism correction in the left eye (-0.25 060), that I wore maybe 1 week max a couple years ago, so I’m sure that the astigmatism isn’t lens induced because it was rediagnosed again years later.

Since it’s very minor, I opted to just drop the astigmatism and keep everything else the same. Sometimes, I’ll still see a very slight ghost image, but it’s been reducing in frequency over the last 2-3 weeks. I don’t know if this is right since I’m still new to EM, but I notice that when the ghost image occurs, I can feel it in my eye. I’ll blink a few times and it will eventually clear up.

No not me, but my young child, she hasn’t worn glasses ever, so can’t be lenses.