Anyone notice letters appear distorted?

As I work on my equalization and the astigmatism in my left eye, I notice that my brain has trouble interpreting the image due to the bit of astigmatism. As I try to active focus, I’m noticing letters and other shapes appear a bit distorted with my left eye when I try to clear up the blur. It’s subtle.

The equalization is helping with the astigmatism overall though, because the spherical equivalent of the equalized glasses is supplying the magnitude from residual myopia due to the missing cyl power I theoretically need.

Note that I’ve essentially never worn cyl power in my glasses. I believe I have roughly 0.25D of astigmatism in my left eye.

Anyone else notice such a thing (the distortion from astigmatism as you AF and cover one eye)?

So… We’ve talked about my astigmatism before. In a letter like ‘S’, my astigmatism essentially ‘overwrites’ the darker parts of it with the lighter spaces, particularly in high contrast implementations. Compound this with dark parts of the adjacent letters hitting the lighter spaces, and you can see, astigmatism is an angst creating mess.

I’m so ready for it to fade back wherever it came from…

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