Anyone who cleared up their double imagee?

Could you please help me on this?
I have been doing active focus from the past 1 month using contact lenses on my eyes. Now if i put my normal ( 0 diopter glasses ). I am seeing a double image at night.
Left eye double image vertically.
Right eye double image horizontally
I just wanted to know that is this due to astigmatism or due to visual cortex.
i am seeing no double image with contact lenses.
Also i have done active focus using plus lenses.
Please help me on this.

if i see a lot of double vision can i still resolve it or not.
Please tell me.
i was not seeing the double image before i started.
i see a double image when i put normal ( zero diopter glasses) over my contacts at night.

Why are you doing this? I would not call zero diopter glasses normal. Zero diopter (plano) lenses can still have optical errors, and this could be causing double vision.

There is not enough information in your question. Do you have any measured astigmatism? Do your contact lenses correct for astigmatism? If not, I would not worry about astigmatism or double vision, and would stop wearing zero diopter glasses that seem to serve no purpose.


Let me expain the matter. I used to wear plano lens with -8 contact lens. Because i don’t like wearing thick -10 glasses and ofcourse, i had a habit of wearing glaases. So, thats why i bought plano lens with no correction. Then, i found endmyopia and started doing active focus. Using plus lens on with -7.50 contact lens untill i reach 20 20 vision.
Now at night i am seeing double vision with plano lenses
But, When i don,t wear my plano lens i don’t see a double vision.

So i just want to know the reason of double vision.

I still find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to wear glasses that serve no function at all - just because one is used to wearing glasses. Sorry, I have no idea why they could now be causing double vision when they did not do so at the beginning. The defects in the plano lenses possibly only show up with artificial light at night.

Perhaps you can try going without glasses when you don’t need them. You could also go to a lens seller and see if you can get better quality plano lenses if your face really feels too naked for comfort when you don’t wear glasses. :smile:


Thanks for your reply.
The only solution i have is DIY.
Nobody here is going to help you.
I"ll come back soon.

I’m with @Ursa and profoundly puzzled why you’d wear dummy glasses. That aside, increased double vision after active focusing is normal, so nothing to worry about.

Keep the normal routine in mind, Blur -> Double Vision -> Clarity. You experiencing a shift towards DV is a good sign.

That being said, make sure that you give AF the best opportunity, so also at night and other low-light conditions, pick a correction that gives you a bit of a solvable challenge.


Actually that looks good on me.

i see a monocular double vision in my both eyes
left eye in vertical direction.
and right eye horizontal direction.
should i clear the double vision using patching or without patching.

Clear it without patching and to reiterate, make sure you get a little bit of a blur/DV challenge, not too much, that could backfire.

ok Thank you.
but could you please tell me.
What is the best activity to clear up the double vision.

Get your tips right here: Resolving Double/misaligned vision and Double Vision Resolved: Fixed Gaze

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Well thanks for the kind reply.
Another thing is i have been doing patching for 30 minutes by covering my left (dominant eye). I could see much better with my left eye. But after doing patching for 30 minutes for the last 2 months to make the non dominant eye better or to catch up with my left eye.
What happened is now i am seeing not much better than i used to see with my left (dominant eye).
well for example if i see a 20/30 line with my left eye before trying patching now i am seeing 20/50 or 20/70 line. Now i seeing worse vision in my left dominant eye.
What has happened to me.
could you explain me.
sorry if i am disturbing you or asking you too many questions.
i am asking you because you are the best person in this group who has more experience than any one else.
or these questions could help more people who are facing the same problem.
or i think i have messed up with my visual cortex.
if yes
then how i can reverse this process.
or what should i do.
I am very much serious about my eyes. i have a high myopia.
Waiting for your kind reply.

Stop patching and your left eye will probably improve again. A small diopter gap is not a big problem and can be left for much later in your journey, especially if you have high myopia…
If you only get double vision when wearing glasses with plano lenses, stop wearing them. Surely your eyesight is more important than how you look. If you really can’t bear to be without a frame on your face, take out the plano lenses and wear only the frame. I bet you won’t have double vision any more, but you may get some funny looks. :astonished: My own experience with a plano lens is that it made my vision considerably worse. I threw it into the bin and will never be tempted by one again, even if I look silly with one-lensed glasses. :crazy_face:

You don’t have double vision when you wear only your contacts. Do you have double vision when you wear contacts and your plus lenses over them for screen distance vision? If not, stop worrying about double vision or astigmatism. Stop doing things that don’t work, instead of looking for complicated solutions for problems that you have created yourself.

I realise that you are serious about your vision, but your visual system is not that fragile, and can tolerate some mistakes. :grinning:

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