Anyone who did a full brain MRI can estimate the AL

Anyone who did a full brain MRI could measure the AL in this program:

You need to upload the original images of DCM/DICOM format there, otherwise it will count pixels instead of mm. The precision is about 0.1-0.15 mm, zoom it so you can sharply recognize the different parts of eye and make sure you “draw” the measurement line without a significant angle.

But be aware the results could be different with IOL Master or similar machines, and you need to find a respective image and measure it manually: from start of the cornea to start of the sclera, as seen on this image.



I’ll just fetch my last annual MRI results…oh wait…


I’ve had AL of about 25.8 mm right and 25.9 mm left back in 2015, about -6.5 myopia.
No new MRIs since then.

A bit inconsistent as using IOL M500 I’ve had 27.2 mm and -9, in 2020.