Apple glass patent “leak”

Just saw a video about leaks and rumors about Apple glasses which may come out in 2022. One interesting feature seems to be the possibility to adjust for myopic refraction errors, either manually or automatically. This is the relevant paragraph from the patent.

As another example, left and right optical modules may adjust the images displayed to account for limitations or corrections (e.g., by glasses or contact lens) of the user’s eyesight. For example, if a user is myopic in one eye, the optical module associated with that eye may modify the image displayed to correct the user’s myopia. The system may determine the correction required for each eye, if any, using any suitable approach. For example, the user may enter a glasses or contact lens prescription that indicates the required correction. As another example, each optical module may automatically analyze the user’s eyes, and determine the adjustment needed based on the analysis. This may allow users who normally wear glasses to use system without their glasses, which may lead to discomfort.

The patent is here:

Take all of this with a grain of salt. Just because the patent exists, doesn’t mean the product will exist (or that this particular feature will exist). Especially since it appears that the patent was filed in 2008 :thinking:


Would any of this cleverness actually lead to a reversal of myopia? It would seem not, as there would never be any degree of myopic defocus to stimulate the visual system out of myopic homeostasis. But it might be useful as a replacement for a test lens kit.
I suspect this would not be welcomed by the optometry industry.

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It could if it would do the reverse too: so not just adjust if the screen is too far away without glasses, but also adjust when it’s too close with glasses. So if it would essentially always “move” the screen to edge of blur.

If edge of blur is enough of a stimulus. I am not sure if it is. I obviously live most of my life quite far beyond the edge of blur, and for screen work, easily legible is my criterion for distance.

Patent trolling really grinds my gears :unamused:

This one seems to be particularly trollish… brought to you by the people who tried to patent the rectangular shaped phone!

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