Archit's Journey from -8.5

Hi, I’m Archit and I’ll write about my progress here.
I have a family history of very high myopes and I got my first glasses when i was in class 2 ( about 8 years old ). Since then I used to do a yearly checkup and my number would constantly increase.
It has been 13 years of wearing glasses now.
My 6/6 prescription as of May 2020 is :
R : -7, -1.0, 180
L : -8.5, -1.5, 170
I bought my first differential D1 on 16th July which were -1.25 less in both eyes ( Cyl Same )
Initially I was seeing about 80cm with both eyes, but I knew I was wearing some less prescription as it was little bit blurry.
After 1 month with D1 and good vision habits, I was easily able to see 95cm with them. Also these glasses will soon be my Normalized.
On 29 Aug, I got my D2 and N1.
My D2 are -2 less in spherical both eyes and my edge of blur is 65cm. I know this will improve soon.
My N1 are -1 spherical less in both eyes and in Good Daylight I can see almost 20/20 with AF.
With Right eye the vision is same but with left I can see 20/30 clearly and some letters of 20/20 with AF on 6m snellen.
My right being dominant and stronger eye does most of the work hence I use some patching.
Will make the next reduction when this N1 would see clear without AF as I want this to be my baseline number.
My original glasses feels very over prescribed now, so my eyes have definitely improved.
My current cm measurements are : R 17cm and L 13.25cm
Also, as I am pursuing Computer Science Eng., I have to spend most of the day in front of my laptop. So, I’m always being aware of my peripheral to avoid tunnel visioning and take frequent breaks.


Thanks for the update, and well done! :+1:

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UPDATE Oct 22, 2020
I have a friendly optometrist who wasn’t over prescribing me. He always gave me number which is just good enough to see 20/20.
This was my first visit to optometrist after starting EM( I ordered glasses online).
My original number before starting EM was :
R : -7, -1.0, 180
L : -8.5, -1.5, 170

These is my auto-refractor measurement :

He measured using kit and said there is a improvement of 0.75 in Right and 0.5 left.
He was also excited about my progress and I’ll continue my process with him. He even gave me specs at same rate I get online, so it is a win win situation for me.

My D2 which were -2 less in spherical both eyes used to give Both 66cm Right 62cm Left 57cm on Aug 23.
As of Oct 14 measurements are : overall 92 right 89 left 73.

I got carried away and bought D3 with same spherical and no astigmatism. This was a terrible mistake. I was getting a lot of DV and ghosting. It was too much challenge for my left eye.
But this gave me an important lesson to not reduce too quickly. After about a week with them, today I’ve got my new D3 with 0.5 less cylindrical in both eyes. These are not giving me DV and I’m quite comfortable in them.
So D3 are :
R : -5, -0.50, 180
L : -6.5, -1.0, 170
Current cms for D3 : Both 72 Right 70 Left 55

Also, I’ve created a kinda plan for diffs :

-5.00 -.50 -6.50 -1.0 Oct 22
-4.75 -.50 -6.25 -1.0 Dec 5
-4.50 -.50 -6.00 -1.0 Jan 15

3*6 weeks = 18 weeks (4.5 months)

-4.50 0.00 -6.00 -0.5 March 1
-4.25 0.00 -5.75 -0.5 April 15
-4.00 0.00 -5.50 -0.5 May 30

-4.00 -5.50 (Monocular Reduction) July 15

Let’s see if I could follow this.

On the other hand progress with N1 is not that fast.
Right is seeing stable 20/20 in good light.
Left is seeing around 20/25 in good light. When I close right eye, left takes time to do AF and see. The quality of vision is poorer in left eye.
But I do patching both close and far daily for left eye to catchup.

Current cms are Right 17cm and left (13.5 - 14).

That’s it I guess for now :sweat_smile: