Are autorefractors good signs to reduce?

Hey Endmyopians,

Today, I went to the eyeglasses shop to ask them to mend my normalised glasses which I literally SAT ON the night before (yes, here in Indonesia you can literally go, ‘Hey, my glasses are bent. Please help.’ And they’ll do that for you for free).

For the fun of it, I decided to check my eyes (for free too!) even though it has only been a little more than three months since my normalisation. To my utmost surprise, even after doing lots of close-up work prior, the autorefractor read that I have literally normalised!

Should I wait for three more weeks or should I just begin the reduction? I must admit that I see minimal blur now… What are your thoughts?



Well done

You can do either. If you go for the latter, just keep in mind that if the blur is too much you may have to step back to the current glasses again.
As long as you are taking it as an experiment it will be OK.
Listen to your eyes :sweat_smile:

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We typically tell people to trust their own measurements, autorefractors can be inaccurate… But mostly we encourage people to make their own choices, like Bianca said if you need to you can always back pedal.

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