Are Eye Exercises Bad for Your Eyes?

I know Jake and others say eye exercises are ineffective, but I also heard someone say that eye exercises may cause too much strain on the eye and slow progress. I did look for more answers on eye exercises but did not find any more information.

Wondering what others’ thoughts are on this? I’m new to all of this. Only started 2 weeks ago. I have been doing exercises every morning because they feel good, but now concerned if I am putting too much strain on my eyes?

Has anyone else noticed eye strain that slowed down their progress due to eye exercises?

Thank you!

how much time do you spend doing 'em? Wouldnt it be more useful to do other things…

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Eye exercises themselves don’t reduce myopia.
That said those execises can make extrinsic muscles more fluid and in better condition.
If you feel good doing that keep on doing.
I do yogic eye movements and other techniques, they help me to keep eyes in good health and awareness on vision as well.
Strain occurs sometimes but it’s not a problem. It goes away pretty quickly.
Keep in mind that retinal defocus (AF, CF, print pushing, etc) is the real thing that allows eyesight to improve.
All other techniques (swinging, exercises, palming, sunning, etc) are great but just to contribute in keeping eyes in good health.
This is my personal experience.


Thank you for your input. Yes, I’m doing yogic eye movements after yoga in the morning, and warn eye compresses at night because it does feel good. But I spend more time throughout the day building healthy eye habits of active focus and distance focusing. Just learned about print pushing last night. What’s CF?


Some like them. But “eye exercises” is also a pretty wide range of possible things. Extra ocular muscle exercises, vs. focus exercises for example, quite different animals.

One day I’ll put together a list of what might be the most useful of exercises, since it is a bit of a recurring topic. :grimacing::+1:t2:


I don’t think anyone says they are ineffective. It’s more that they need time and real dedication for daily repetitive practice. So typically it doesn’t fit a lot of people’s lifestyle / daily routine. Also for someone who spends most of the day in front of the screen the measurable improvements can be limited.
(Plus many of those who promote eye exercises also advise against wearing any corrections which is totally against the EM method as EM recommends always keeping a reference for clear vision)
But in my opinion when added to EM, exercises can be good for getting the eye back to the full range of motion, for relaxing the eyes, for improving coordination (convergence/divergence).

As for the eye strain part. Running is good and health promoting. Still there are people who push through pain and fatigue and develop shin splints and can even take it further to a stress fracture.
With eye improvement, there are people who want something tangible, a magic formula for more gains, who really overdo the exercises and really work from muscles and end up with all kinds of issues (muscle fatigue, unbalanced eye muscle development, headaches, etc) and consequently no gains at all.

I definitely believe in all techniques helping to relax all muscles including the eyes’. And I found some exercises helpful for my journey when working on remaining astigmatism or eye dominance issues. On long workdays I feel my eyes stuck in one position so I like to move them around to regain the natural range of motion again.


Clear flashes. Unexpected sudden clarity way over your blur horizon. Typically doesn’t last long first.


Hopefully this would provide you some insights on eye exercises. I have done candle gazing for a month before and found myself having double vision on each eye after every session. That was when I was still desperately trying to discover active focus. Currently, I focus on being aware if I am involuntarily straining my eyes and trying my best to relax them.


Thanks so much! That would be great,
I bet this comes up a lot especially with us newbies.
I did do a search on this topic because someone on another video said eye exercises cause too much strain on the eyes. But, I see what you are saying about the difference in exercises.
Page pushing is a focus exercises that actually helps your vision
So called, eye yoga, that just feels good and relaxing but doesn’t help with vision.
Those are the only two I really know, so a list would be great!
The resources on this website are incredible, Thank you!


I would be so keen to hear about this from you.

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