Are people with blue eyes more susceptible to myopia than others?

Relation between Iris colour and myopia.


( but that’s just an ignorant guess :wink: )


I have no idea scientifically. But I come from a family of five in which all are blue-eyed except the father. Two of the blue-eyed were nearsighted and the one with brown eyes was farsighted. The other two blue-eyed ones didn’t wear glasses until they very occasionally did so for reading in middle age. Even if you extended that pattern to the whole population, I’m not sure that it would be indicative of much.

But I’d be interested to know what caused you to pose the question.

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Seeing as most of Asia is brown-eyed and china has a myopia crisis, I’d say no.

The color of the eyes is on the iris but myopia is the elongation.Maybe they are more light sensitive but the color doesn’t have anything to do with better eyesight and myopia stuff.You might say that oh why does more people in blue eyed communities have more myopia than brown eyed communities,Well think about this There are blue eyed people in the city more than in the country and its the same for brown eyed green eyed.Myopia not genetic its enviromental

An African brown eyed country has less myopia than Germany(more blue eyes) and China (brown eyes) has more myopia than Canada ( blue eyes).