Are your eyes sensitive in the sun?

I always had to squint while going out to the sun. the strong light of the sun forced me to almost close my eyes when going out. IT WAS BOTHERING. I didn’t understand how all else can be outside with their eyes wide open except me. UNTIL I found Endmyopia.

since the awareness I got from endmyopia of the importance of being outside, this problem is COMPLETELY GONE!



Me too. I never went anywhere without my sunglasses, even in winter. Now I don’t even carry them around anymore.


I used to be as well. I stopped wearing sunglasses about ten years ago and I ensure I’m getting enough vitamin D… Eye sensitivity is no longer a problem.

I never wear sunglasses. The ones I have in my car are maybe 20 years old. But my God, the sun we are getting these days in summer… it’s very difficult to try AF outside because your eyes want to close because of so much light. Also no need to mention that better not staying outisde in the heat. So to summarize, I still have problems with the sun, but I see all people around also closing eyes when for exemple getting outside of work, so I see it normal.

hi Francesc
for me this is no longer an issue and i can open my eyes pretty wide open while being outside in the sun :grinning:


Oh sunglasses, great topic! I was about to create one, asking what you do about this?
What did you do again to not be sensitive anymore? I am outside as much as I can, especially in this sunny weather.
I remember I first wanted sunglasses when in the mountains as a kid (summer, hiking, not skiing in snow).
I’m fine most of the time without them, but…
Sometimes, when the sun is shining, and you are outsite and want to look around, I do need them, because else, I can’t really look and quint.

Happy about any suggestions!

@tal is that you as a kid in the picture? Ir really sais exactly what you described :+1:

being outside in the sun (in order to do AF) fixed this problem which turn out to be caused by not being enough outside. i think that the deprivation of sunlight before endmyopia caused this problem.


this is not my kid :rofl::rofl::rofl:
and i posted this picture because it demonstrates exactly what i wanted to say :grinning:

Guess I need to do more AF … :wink:

Yesterday, I received my new normalized contacts, which I orderd in advance (good to have them handy). So I checked if they sent the right values, and they did. However, I noticed something I didn’t before: They have UV protection! I checked my older lenses, and there it is, a small print saying UV protection…:hushed:
So, going in the sun won’t help as long as I wear those… Then again, that explains why I’m really fine most of the time… I never asked for UV protection, might be standard.

So I’m wearing UV protection on my eyes for years and didn’t know it…
OMG, that’s crazy! Will ask for ones without UV for the next ones…

Have you all checked your contact lenses? :question:

  1. how did you do the reference to my name (@tal) i would like to know
  2. it will be interesting to know if uv protection is built in inside all glasses or not. because i dont know if i have it. i didn’t ask for it its for sure

I think you just did it yourself… :wink:
Just type @ - and you will see a drop-down-list to choose a user.
You can also click on a post, and mark up some text, then click quote - you can quote that way.

UV protection is in my contact lenses, not in my glasses.

@Tii_Chen - got it! :grinning:

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For all of you wearing contact lenses by acuvue, e.g. acuvue oasys: They advertise that ALL their contact lenses block 98% UVB-rays and 85% of UVA-rays.

Just figured out that my glasses also have a UV protection “built-in”… :hushed:
I bought it on the internet and I cannot choose a pair of glasses without
UV protection. For my understanding I think that unfiltered glasses are
better… but where to buy?