Arnab's journey to emmetropia

Every time I went to the eye clinic for annual eye checkup, the doctors used to educate me to be alert about indications of retinal detachment. It was because of my elongated eyeball, I have a huge risk. In April 2019, after returning home from an annual eye check-up, I started Googling about retinal detachment and possibilities of preventing it. I went down the path in search of reversing myopia and landed on Before reaching at EM’s website I watched Todd Becker’s video on Youtube. I registered on EM for 7 day mail on Mon, Apr 15, 2019.

I started with full correction of OD -7.00D SPH -1.00D CYL 70 axis, OS -5.25D SPH -0.75D CYL 110 axis.

I read a lot on Facebook group and this forum, watched videos on Jake’s channel. I read about vision biology and went to Google Scholar too, to read about the keywords that form the foundation of this protocol. Luckily I found an optometrist who helped me order my first differentials and the subsequent eyeglasses.

I started on 5th September 2019. I went super slow, partially because I wanted to go patiently and I had some personal issues which had slowed me down. I am at present on my fourth differentials and third normalized. I have done only bifocal spherical reductions. My first normalised was 0.50D less from my full correction and I have reduced 0.25D every time. At present my normalised is OD -6.00D SPH and OS -4.25D SPH. I have not touched the CYL correction. I went for an eye check-up, and my eyes are fine and they said that I can continue with my glasses. That was an obvious signal for me to reduce. I went to the clinic wearing OD -6.25D OS -4.50D.

By the way, I don’t have much blur at all with the current normalised. It was almost 20/30 in the dark room of optometrist. Outside, I have slight blur at something way far, in my case, it is a furniture shop name that is visible from my balcony.

I am going by Jake’s guidelines, and I will try to drop astigmatism by 0.25D alternating those with SPH reductions. I will have to start with astigmatism from next reduction to keep enough space for equalising later on.

Initially, I used to keep log of my eye measurements. I will try to record it at least once a month.

I am deeply grateful to Jake. Thank you all. In addition to the blogs, journey notes by forum members have been very useful to verify my understanding of the concepts and the learning the practical tweaks.


Nice! That’s excellent progress, and a great approach.


Congratulations on your progress. You are lucky to have a supportive opto.


Wow! These numbers are really inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you. I have taken many inputs from you. :pray:

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Thank you. I have taken many inputs from you.


I have been wearing the current differentials OD -5.00 -1 CYL OS -3.25 -0.75 CYL from 10th June 2020. Its quite strong now as differentials. This was my 4th differentials. Now, I want to probe my astigmatism correction. I have a friendly optometrist whom I visited today and tested my close-up vision by slashing 0.50 D of CYL corrections in both eyes. I didn’t find any double image. The crispness of letters reduced just a tiny bit. I have ordered it. As Jake had said in a recent video, that its best to wear it for 3-4 months before checking whether the same correction can be done in normalized. I will update this journal after wearing the differentials for a month.


Going farther away from screen, the missing astigmatism correction becomes noticeable. Today is the first day that I am using the new differentials. I have pulled the laptop bit closer on my desk.

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Yesterday I felt a pinching pain in my right eye after a period of wearing the differentials. Today even after the same period, I don’t feel any such discomfort. Fingers crossed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have pushed back my laptop to the distance where I had kept it with my last differentials. As of now, I didn’t had a single episode of headache. Looks like this drop in cylinder correction in my differentials is a success.


On 23.01.2021, 111 days after reducing cylinders in my differentials, I reduced the same amount of cylindrical value from from my normalized. I don’t have ghosting
using my differentials by increasing the distance. First impression with this normalized is that things are almost right, but not exactly right. With texts, I don’t see blur or ghosting. But it’s not that crisp. Today is the second day, and there is a bit of headache. However I am not sure whether it’s the lenses or the fact that I didn’t had a caffeine from the morning. Its evening now.

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If it were perfectly crisp it would mean that you had not reduced enough, or early enough. :smile: It sounds as if you have just enough challenge and I hope the headache goes soon. Good luck on the road to the next reduction.

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You are most lovable person that I have ever found on internet.


Arnab, you are making me blush :blush:. Thank you for the compliment.


The journey from 1/6th to 1/5th Indian … Endmyopia Tinder version …

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At my age? :astonished:

If I live long enough, and the pets have gone to happier hunting grounds, I would like to spend more time in India each winter. My daughter will only agree to her turn for 2 months of the year, and she spends her winters on the Spanish coast. Of course I lost out completely last year, but, Covid-19 willing, I do hope to have my usual 2 months this year.

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Age is just a number! “You are a free soul having a unique experience in this reality” or something like that…

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If this reduction goes in the right direction, I have decided to go for four successive spherical drops, and then attempt complete removal of cylinder correction.