Arnab's journey to emmetropia

I went to my friendly optometrist to check my vision. It has been a week after I slashed 0.50 D of cylinder corrections from my normalised. In this time, I had observed that my right eye, which is high myopic was doing better than my left eye which is a less myopic. Whenever I patch for few minutes, I can see that my left eye has tiny amount of double image, while my right eye doesn’t have double image. I know that my right eye is the dominant eye. The result at the optometrist was that with my new normalised my combined vision is 6/6.

Congratulations! In my book it is the binocular vision that counts. Sometimes optos don’t take the trouble to check on best binocular vision after testing each eye separately.

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Normally for spherical reductions, I give a normalised or differentials 3 months to achieve clarity. However with this one, I don’t know. I will have to do a bit more research. However, my gut instinct says that waiting for 3 months to let the non-dominant eye catch up and have crisp binocular vision would be a wise move before getting the next differentials. Also, low light vision is an important factor. Once I get crisp vision indoors or after sunset, I can move to next reduction.