Asking for Astigmatism advice and some experience shared

Who notices their astigmatism at night? E.g I never usually use my smartphone but when I do I see text with 2 lighter versions of it on top of it and at the bottom of it, it’s almost to the point where I cannot even read phone text. I have -1.00 cyl in both eyes. I am thinking of reducing it incrementally by 0.25 cyl once I get to -3.00 and -2.50 sph. Currently, my normalised correction is -3.50 and -2.75 with -1.00 cyl in both eyes. My next normalised will be -3.00 and 2.50. Once I achieve 20/20 on my 20-feet-version Snellen chart with those normalised lenses, I plan to reduce only my astigmatism in both eyes by 0.25. and try to active focus with that amount of directional blur. Is that a good idea? My question goes out to experienced and successful astigmatic reducers with their experience on how they managed to reduce their astigmatism if they have taken a similar approach to me with 0.25 cylinder incremental reductions. Also, how does it feel to reduce cylinder only and how did you guys manage to make your eyes focus light at one point on your retina with only astigmatism reductions? Will active focus work with only astigmatism reduction? If not, how to make your eyes adapt to the reduction? I’m thinking that for every 2 spherical reductions, I should do 1 only astigmatism 0.25 reduction. I’m NOT asking for diopter-specific advice, just asking in general if reducing astigmatism incrementally without reducing or increasing or fiddling with spherical values. Sorry I’m just stressed out about how I will go about with astigmatism because during mornings I rarely notice my astigmatism but at night I notice it a lot, only when I’m reading with my table lamp my astigmatism does not show at night. I’m guessing because of the strong light. Thanks for reading.


Wasn’t this question already answered here? Or are you looking for additional responses?

Yeah, you did answer me. Just one thing, Is it possible to do 0.25 reductions of cylinder ONLY and still get success. Did you active focus with less cylinder and did it reduce at a good rate? Were you able to clear the astigmatic blur with reduced cylinder correction? These questions keep coming.

I think so. I feel like I’m having good success, better so with smaller changes than larger ones.

There’s the rub. It takes the time it takes. Astigmatism isn’t the same thing as myopia. It just takes some time to get it all working together again. My experience may be different than yours, but I get really good spherical rate of change; my cylinder is much slower and I have to really work hard at it.

Yes, but again, I worked at it using every tool and creative approach that I could. As well as patience.

Bring 'em on. Just don’t be asking the same question in multiple places. It annoys your fellow correspondents, because we keep seeing the same thing here, there and everywhere.

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