Aspherical lens vs spherical lens, affect myopia?

can the difference between aspherical and spherical lenses lead to more myopia?

There are probably many cases where AF was successful with a spherical lens, but I wonder if there are cases where AF was successful with an aspherical lens.

P.S. Talking about money aside, I’m purely curious.

AF, if done properly, can be repeated even with eyes closed (theoretically). Maybe it happens when we do AF nearly all day.

People having AF only when under certain conditions, really should work out the base much more in my opinion. Including those who can only with glasses/contacts, only with quarter or half diopter reduced etc. There’s still a weak innervation and brain-muscle connection. I don’t mean using much reduced prescription; just being adaptable to say also to be capable of doing AF uncorrected.

Thus, I think it’s also irrelevant to AF.