Astigmatic blur?

Hi. I’m fairly new to EM, only a few weeks in, and am wondering if I am measuring my cms wrong after reading a post about astigmatic blur. What I have been thinking is the edge of blur is what I now suspect is astigmatic blur. The text is still readable but spikey if you know what I mean, and looks like dark letters on top of lighter shadowy letters. My cms haven’t been changing although my distance vision seems better. I only have very mild astigmatism, under 1 each eye. So am I supposed to measure until its fuzzy smudgy blur instead?

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I think it is wrong. Measure the point where the blurriness starts.
That point where the slight ghost kind of an effect comes (like a small amount of blur above the actual word/ any readable.) is the point where you need to measure.

This is a good one for low astigmatism.
Use the right side wheel until it looks greyish on certain lines like the wheel on the left side. Further instructions above and below the wheels.