Astigmatism Adaption Progress

Hey All,

I first posted last year about my low myopia. I also have low astigmatism.

I have not been wearing glasses for almost 2 years. My myopia is so low, that I can still see good enough, but def not crystal clear.

I have quit my job and can now afford to spend my days at the park for hours each day, something that I have been planning to do for improving my eyesight.

This has really helped me to clear up my ciliary spasm, a big step for someone who has been stuck in limbo staring at a screen 8+ hours a day. Even with work breaks, that ciliary spasm never went away till now. My eyes feel much “lighter” compared to spending all day staring at a screen “heavy” with ciliary spasm.

So, my eyes feel much better without ciliary spasm and I’m starting to active focus.
I walk around NYC looking at signs and I can sense my eyes are trying to find focus, something I haven’t felt before. I can tell there are trying to see differently now when looking around without ciliary spasm.

But notice that my vision is kinda “double”, I can see the two layers of overlapping text that are “mis-aligned” to eyes, much like how this post describes.

I notice that when I tilt my head to the left and right, I get improvements but it goes away when looking straight. I’ve read in the forum that this is likely due to astigmatism.

I notice that I do feel some strain the next day sometimes after AF, like an eye-headache combo.

Also, I just read Jakey saying that mis-aligned astigmatic vision could be due to looking at objects too far away. So maybe I need to find a better distance for AF practice. Makes sense. With low myopia, it is bit more challenging to find that sweet spot of distance and text size to get that AF engaged.

My latest prescription is from 2017, but you can see how low it is.

Do I need to get some glasses that have a lower cylinder or axis correction?
Patching to strengthen each eye?
How do I tell the difference between AF for myopia and astigmatism? Should I focus on one or both?

Definitely will keep reading the forums, this place is filled with great information and advice, so thank you so very much for a great community!

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Improve sphere or cylinder, not both at the same time. This would be too much challenge for the brain, probably only sphere would work then.

I would not patch, this causes headaches. Maybe only MAX 15 mins.
You should reduce cylinder on L and R until only one eye has the 0.25, then you should reduce only for that eye.

Focus always with both eyes, I think this is important, so your brain gets a “satisfied” feeling, once boths eyes have cleared up the blur.

You can not reduce axis, only cylinder diopters.

So it seems your sphere got worse from -0.75 in 2015 to -1.00 in 2017 ?
Anyway you need to find out your current correct eye data.

I think the best way to handle astigmatism is using a test lens kit to confirm your correct cylinder data first. Otherwise you would need to trust the measurements of eye doctors etc, which could vary. Or you could buy EyeQue Visioncheck, which measured my astigmatism very good, but anyway I think there is no better way to confirm the cylinder and axis than using a test lens kit and try out the test cylinder lenses and test the axis with the test cylinder lenses while looking at the 6 meter snellen chart. The first and big letter E is very helpful to see if the cyilnder correction removes the double vision completely or not.

You could print some big text in different sizes on paper and test it with some different distances, to have an idea what works good for active focus.

I did that for 3 meter distance.

I have not improved astigmatism yet but this is how I would do it.

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Thanks Tony87! I’ve done a lot of research on myopia, blur and AF.
Hitting the forums, wiki and videos to learn more about astigmatism so that I understand all of what you are saying.