Astigmatism app screen shots

Posting the information screens from the Astigmatism (Google Play Store) app.


Thanks, I’ll definitely use this :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw, I looked for it on the Google Play store and for some reason it is called “Eyesight training” in the search list but then after you install it it is called Astigmatism (just in case anyone else searches for it).

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Interesting. Are those really 80 muscles, or 80 muscle fibers in one muscle? Is there any research that shows that ganglia changes the balance of relative tension on those muscle fibers, thereby distorting (or correcting distortion of) the lens?

The nerve supply for this muscle is slightly complicated, both the sympathetic and parasympathetic system feed into the ganglion, but this isn’t detailed enough to show how that signal is split around the eye.


I don’t know, but you ask really intelligent questions, and I’m always interested when you come up with results after heading down the rabbit holes. :smile:

I actually kept my old Android phone around so I could keep using this app. I wish they’d port it to Apple.

sniffing around the rabbit hole

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That sure looks like 6 nerve fibers coming out of the ganglion and going of different parts of the ciliary muscle. Some local processing could be going on.


There’s also long ciliary nerves, but despite their name I think they affect the iris and cornea only.

Ciliary ganglion pathways.png
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I’m not sure what are the astigmatism types they are talking about here.
I know astigmatism in terms of the most myopic axis, but not the less myopic one? Or am I reading this wrong?

Let’s say that my axis is somewhere between 160° and 170°; is that vertical or oblique?

I think this is what they call with the rule, and I would expect mostly vertical things, perhaps canted upper left to lower right, to be more clear with this axis.

The minor axis is 90 degrees off the major axis. I think the minor axis is an artifact of the primary spherical abberation. Honestly, I’ve never given it a lot of thought.

Astigmatism seems to be one of those things that needs to be encouraged to go away. There’s no way to do something radical to make it go away. Just keep looking for clarity in your off angle/axis vision. And slowly back off the strength of cylinder so the eye can revert to its normal shape.

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Thank you for the tip. I have just learnt I have an astigmatism after 30 years with glasses and no cylinders :slight_smile: Although I was suspicious lately. I wonder how my ophtalmologist did not find out.