Astigmatism changing into myopia?

Has anyone had astigmatism change into myopia? Or myopia change into astigmatism?

Please share your experience and details. I would be interested in hearing about it!


That is actually what I am trying to do. Recently I wrote an introduction with more details. But I started EM with more astigmatism than myopia.
Before that, after I stopped wearing contact lenses, in 6 years my myopia diminished vastly, but my astigmatism increased even more. So now I am trying to revert the process.
I noticed that when I try to exchange sphere for cylinder, that it takes days at least to “take”. So when I measure with my test lenses increasing the sphere mostly has no effect, even if I seem to need it. So I have to increase the sphere slowly, while I diminish the cylinder, and I hope I will not end up with the same amount that I had before. (Contact lenses -3.25 and -3.00.)
I also had to increase my diopter ratio, because my right eye was underprescribed, while the left was overprescribed. On top of that, my right eye is also more presbyopic. :roll_eyes: That might be part of the cause.

@Emmy, maintaining vision at the lower end of the preferred acuity range as you adjust lenses may give you more wiggle room and prevent the myopia from getting too high again. I think in this case, your brain needs to learn to get comfortable with a bit of myopic blur, and to differentiate it from astigmatic blur. Going for full clarity right away may just keep your astigmatism locked in. Just a guess, based on what happens to me sometimes, and what works best for reducing transitory astigmatism for me.

Actually, you can use differentials as a nice break to do that, too. Since you have presbyopia, you don’t need as much of a difference between diffs and normalized as some people do…the goal being to create active focus challenge at both ends of the distance range.

Also I have a theory that much of presbyopia is artificially created by a combination of over prescription at distance coupled with too much plus at near (used to offset the overcorrection at distance).

So there are many things at play. Distance, near, cylinder, and diopter ratio.

Definitely update us!

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