Astigmatism Dial

Pardon my computer illiteracy here…

When printing the astigmatism dial is there a process that I should be using?

I printed the dial initially that included the instructions/tools and it seems to be too small. Should I be scaling up before I print or is it supposed to be a smaller sized dial? >.<

It’s a little wonky actually for scale. I’ve been meaning to create a better version of it but … the to-do list is endless! :confused:

Hey sbeatty,

I reccomend directly printing this one:
It’s of better quality that the PDF that is found on the blog :wink:
Worked for me!

Hugs, Sven


Thanks @Wombatzz , I will go check it out now and print :slight_smile:

I can only imagine the time and energy you put in to EndMyopia Jake!!!
Problem solved ^^^^ :wink:

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