Astigmatism how it got worse?

hello can astigmatism get worse To a high level
due to bad habits alone without lens(Without wearing glasses)?
I knew I did not see well but only last year
I began to see double vision/ghost image
and can it be reverse ?

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the way to reduce astigmatism is kinda different from reduce myopia.
If you watch this video you understand how astigmatism works and how to reverse it (in theory). Make sense.


Thank you.
I’ll watch the video
hope that I will be able to reverse it

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This reddit post by Mastiff37 has a number of links about Elliott Forrest’s functional theory of astigmatism that the video posted by @miocardio refers to.

The theory is a very interesting take on where suddenly appearing multi-diopter astigmatism may come from. The approach is different from Jake’s, but they don’t necessarily contradict each other. In any case, on my searches I have come across stories where attempts to improve myopia with eye exercises ended up improving the astigmatism more than the myopia. Forrest’s theory could be the explanation for such cases.


I watched the video it more about
release tensions and that astigmatism is created
by tilting the head and wrong movement of the eyes and head
Which could be possible.
in my case I think I had some level of astigmatism but lower
than now. since age 14 i didn’t have perfect vision but also didn’t have “bad vision”. only since last year I Start having
double vision/ghost image and find out what is astigmatism
but I thought it had to be low astigmatism or myopia but
I discovered it was pretty high astigmatism. so now i wonder
how it got to this level without lens ( glasses)?
so my guess it is because my really really bad habits like
Reading for hours In front of the phone in the night,
No time outdoor ,
and Being in front of the screen all day every day in the past few years
but still can it got to close to 4 D and not be lens Induced astigmatism and also not be Genetic and be reversible ?