Astigmatism is confusing, seems strong, might just drop it

Astigmatism has been really confusing for me. When I read posts about it I can barely understand what other people are experiencing, although it seems like it is hard for other people to reduce.

For me it seems easy sometimes, and sometimes difficult. It’s so much less straightforward than myopia. Right now my glasses are at -4, .75 and -3.25, .75. In my last reduction, I was reading about astigmatism on the website and thought it was a good idea to drop in both myopia and astigmatism correction, so I reduced .25 in both. I don’t know if that was actually a good idea or not… it was really frustrating at first and it seemed like I wasn’t able to do active focus. However, it has now been about 5 months (must longer than it took last time) and I feel like I am ready to reduce again.

BUT I also have contacts that wear only about once a week for soccer which don’t have any astigmatism correction (because my last optometrist once said that I could get the contacts without it since it was low enough). So I noticed that after an hour or so of wearing them my vision sometimes seems really clear. so today I decided to wear them all day and see how that went. Honestly it felt like I could see more detail and things were crisper. I still had moments of double vision in which I really had to focus to get them to fuse, but it seemed like this was a lot easier than when I have my current glasses on. Maybe I was over-“prescribed” my astigmatism correction in the first place? Anyway, I am thinking that I will order my next pair with no reduction in myopia and just drop the last .75 correction of astigmatism.

Sorry this has been long winded but has anyone had any similar experiences or thoughts?

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If you’re happy with the way you see through contacts without astigmatism correction I would get rid of it in your glasses as well. Sometimes just tilting your head a little bit and blinking can help clear up astigmatism if it’s bothering you. You might also scan the thing you’re looking at too (keep your head in the same place and look left and right, and up and down) to give your brain a chance to see through different spots on your eyeballs. If there’s a double edge or halo on something often that will give the brain enough information to fix the glitch.

You might also get one pair of glasses with no astigmatism correction at all, and another with -0.25 CYL. If you’re having a bad day or it’s night time and the astigmatism is acting up you could use the -0.25 CYL glasses, in good light or when you’re not tired just use the no-astigmatism pair.


Sounds good. I’ll have to try some of those things. Thanks for the feedback!

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