Astigmatism Measuring Tool (web version)

I built a simple web version of the astigmatism dial.

It should work both for desktop and mobile.

Let me know if you have feedbacks or suggestions.
I just wanted to fill the void but I may add other tools in the future

How to use: DIY TOOLS: How To Measure Your Astigmatism Diopters - Endmyopia® - Understanding Nearsightedness


Perhaps add a tidbit of instruction on how to use the chart, just so people don’t start asking how to use it all the time. Maybe have two dials so the person can hold the numbers for both eyes simultaneously or to screenshot it for their own records.

A slider or adjustment control that doesn’t obscure the arrow as it’s being used.

New version:

  • added OD/OS control to store the axis for each eye
  • added a slider (although you can also move your fingers further from the arrows while dragging)

I wanted to add a link to the endmyopia guide about how to use the tool, but looks like I don’t have enough permissions to edit my first post.


I love it. This is really cool.

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It’s great! Thanks so much

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Instructions would be great.

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Excellent, I like it.

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