Astigmatism questions for first differentials

I’m reading up on the things I’ll need for getting my first differentials.

Can someone point me to any articles or links that may help me understand what is considered high astigmatism, what levels of astigmatism are okay to drop?

Also any articles or advice about what to work on first (spherical reduction or cylindrical reduction) would be much appreciated.

I plan on dropping my astigmatism (which is at -1 L and -0.5 R) and taking a milder spherical reduction. Hoping to simplify and get out of my overprescription before because my astigmatism prescription for my old pair of glasses was higher (1.25L 0.5R) and the old glasses feel uncomfortable.

There’s definitely quite a bit in the astigmatism and the diopter sections of the blog! Probably worth scrolling through and reading some of the articles anyway.

Astigmatism Correction: - Just Ditch It? << just found this video you made and feel kind of dumb for posting that question!

and now I feel overwhelmed with the information… I think I found my next few steps. Thanks for the reply anyway!! Happy day to you!

I also came down from the initial rush, and am taking more time to go through the FAQs. thanks for the FAQs guru… they’re all I needed.

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