Astigmatism Reduction for Differentials

I am wondering how much I should reduce my astigmatism correction the first time for normalized and for differentials - especially wondering about differentials. My astigmatism being -2.75 and -3.25. I am aware we’re “not supposed to” ask about diopter specific advice, but I couldn’t seem to find anything about this in the blog, other than taking it as a “case by case basis” if astigmatism is more than 1 diopter, in which case you can wholly negate all correction for it in both differentials and normalized.
Like, how do you calculate how much astigmatism correction to use for a certain distance? Is there any sort of calculations I can do for lowering the amount of astigmatism correction, without using a test lens kit? Would lowering the correction by 1 diopter for differentials be okay for this amount of astigmatism I have?


@AmiMM… try this link if you haven’t already. Each person will be different.


Just when I had questions regarding this!

I’m at a high myopic prescription of -5.25 (which, from my centimeter measurements, looks overprescribed by 0.5 diopters) with 1 cylindrical on one eye, 0.5 on the other.

Could you please link me to where you read that up to a 1 diopter, it’s possible to drop the cylindrical correction?

@ThePanda Read mail nr 6 of the seven days mails.

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go to the optometrist, and ask him to reduce astigmatism in the differnetials little by little with exchanging it with sphericals as described in the blog and youtube. the optometrist will know as well how to do that if you still don’t understand


For me, just using the astigmatism dial alone wasn’t presice enough (for me! not generally speaking), so I felt safer using a test lens kit to figure out what my best option for my first set of differentials was.

Maybe you wanna give it a try. They are cheap online , mine was around 200$. Make sure to get one that has cylinder lenses though!

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I went from -5 glasses with -1.5 cylinder correction for close-up to -5.5 glasses without cylinder, which were far better. So lowering 1.5 was perfect in my case. (get rid of the cylinder for close-up would be my advice)

I just got my first diff. My optometrist suggested me to keep the CYL correction same for the diffs. On the forum, I found out that keeping same cyl for diffs was actually a bad idea. @Ursa suggested me not to use them. But, my mother won’t buy new glasses for at least one year. Please help me out. I am very confused.

Not entirely accurate, please refer to my original posts in the other thread on High Astigmatism and Low Myopia. Sorry to be so fussy about this, but a guess is not a suggestion.

Srry bout that, I don’t know how to give reference to another post. I just need to be a bit more sure about what I should do next.

I do understand, and I hope that you can get enough feedback from others who have faced this same problem to help base your own decisions on. I just want to be very careful that I do not encourage people to make decisions which they will later regret. This is one thing all of us on the EM journey need to understand fully - it is all at your own risk, and therefore no diopter advice to be asked or given.

Go to the post, click on the link icon below it, copy it and go back to where you want to paste it. You will be asked on which thread you want to paste it, so make sure you pay attention to this. Somebody had to explain this to me about a year ago. :grinning: