Astigmatism reduction phase - three burning questions

So I started EM at (SPH/CYL)
L: -3.25 / -0.5
R: -3.25 / -1

First phase I dropped -1/2D SPH and I arrived at

L: -2.75 / -0.5
R: -2.75 / -0.75

Now I’m reducing the astigmatism and my normalized are:

L: -2.75 / 0
R: -2.75 / 0

In other words I dropped the cylinder COMPLETELY in the 2nd round.

My diffs are down to -1 pure SPH in both eyes.

In the day I see 20/20 with my normalized.
At night I would say it’s about 20/40.
Text is much clearer than objects.

So I have three burning questions:

Since I dropped CYL in both left and right eye, any patching needed for astigmatism since left eye sees better than the right?

Has anyone dropped similar amount of astigmatism and if so, how long did it take you for this amount? I’ve had my normalized for about 2 months now.

When watching TV (using older diffs of -1.5), I notice the subtitles are doubled. After a while the doubling goes away and the whole tv image clears up. Is this what is called double vision? Or is this because of the astigmatism?

thank you !

I’m not sure about dropping astigmatism without reductions. I had .50 cyl right eye. It was never addressed with contacts. When I started EM is when I began to actually wear glasses full time. I checked the astigmatism wheel and I could see the difference the .50 cyl made. If you haven’t looked at the wheel just check out some posted in the forum in the search function.
I checked the wheel from time to time and noted the difference in the color of the lines. They began to get slowly less noticable. I recently sropped the last .25 cyl and even though the dioptor is the same I am able to get blur just by getting rid of cyl. So in my experience I was glad I went through reductions rather than drop it all together. Wearing contacts cyl free for over 20 years never made the astigmatism go away.


@Jenn thank you for your feedback and experience. I have not found a good astigmatism test yet. I tried these spoke lines but I can’t tell any difference. I will search for color lines like you suggested.