Astigmatism with High Myopia

I am totally confused after reading the Posts of astigmatism & cylinder reduction…some said to reduce cyl. no in differentials…etc…I have a Power of -7 in both eyes…thanks God the computer machines showed -8 when local shop optician But when tested by the specialist of reputed hospital he said my real no is -7 as I was able to read all the texts from snellen chart by traditional no…Now my ques is…after practising active focus for 45 days I am going to order my 1st differentials…what must be the prescriptions
Left eye= -7 sph, -1.50cyl, 180
Right Eye= -7 sph, -1 cyl ,5

I am totally confused what to do…even I am able to read all the texts of snelllen chart with my current -7 prescription…the opticians are yelling me to make specs of -8 giving the reason it will give more clearity…Please help me in my differentials…

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Hi there and welcome!

Well, this is exactly what you cannot ask here. :wink:
We can’t offer diopter specific advise, jake does that in back to 20/20 - drop him a line if you want to join, maybe he has a free place.

However, search the blog for “reducing prescription complexity”.
Search this forum for “start your improvement here”.

You are right, most people can reduce some or al of their cylinder for differentials.
In the end, it’s always a DIY.
But keep reading a little, search for “first differentials” and astigmatism, here and on the blog

Also, please search for: how to ask non diopter specific questions in this forum. :wink:
I’d rather have you with us and improving :wink:

Enjoy your journey and welcome! :star::champagne:

Edit: I deleted your same question in reply to other posts.
Please don’t ask diopter specific questions again. Please read and respect the forum guide lines.


I cannot give you diopter specifics. But I can tell you that I started with roughly same sph/cyl prescription.
I read the emails and went through the blogs/videos.
Start to use normalised/differentials and do active focus. Measure your vision regularly and keep a log.
You will soon be able to figure out how to tweak your prescription yourself and improve.
Find some online websites that sell glasses without prescription as you will need a couple of glasses to do trial/error and arrive at the correct norm / differentials.

I go to opto regularly to ensure my eyes are healthy but I wear glasses based on endmyopia method if that makes sense.

I am down 1D since I started but not going to reduce my astigmatism yet as it seems to be dropping by itself when the Spherical drops. I keep the astigmatism same on my normalised and differentials. Every person is different - you go to check and experiment.

Its easy to feel lost but not too bad as everything is available online on this forum , blog or the facebook forum. Good luck.

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The astigmatism for diffs is easier to drop at mid-myopia (in the guide). I dropped just spherical to keep it easy and to get the process started without worrying about scripts, because I didn’t understand everything yet. Then it’s easier to make further plans when the pressure is relieved.

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