Astigmatizm and close-up

for high myopia and more than 2 astigmatism.Do I need astigmatism for close-up glasses?

Have you read the 7 Day Free Guide?

[Day 6/7] Differential Glasses for CLOSE-UP Use says:

Take your distance correction and subtract 1.5 diopters . (As a starting point, see if that works—ideally with the support of a friendly optometrist.) Don’t modify anything else; this correction has to be the same as your distance correction in terms of relative left vs. right eye strength. Drop the astigmatism if it’s just 0.50 diopters, and instead of subtracting 1.5 diopters total, subtract only 1.25. If it’s a 0.25 astigmatism, just drop it, no other changes.


This is how I read the 7-day guide also. But then another article in the blog said to only reduce the spherical for a couple of times for differentials. And after reducing the normalized SPH a couple of times, then to reduce the cylinders in the differentials. Did I read any of it correctly? Why is it so confusing? It’s different to do it than to just read about it when the time comes. And I deleted the guides already from my email (I do have notes somewhere).

In our “start your improvement here guide” we have the link to the complete set of 7-day emails, should you wish to reread them: