Audio files instead of writing

It’s not possible to upload an audio file here in Le Meuw.

Don’t you think that a long topic with many long replies (massive writing and reading time involved) should be better explained in audio file format and will save our eyes with much less screen time?
Maybe it’s wierd and less practical than written material but for sure we could access to much more contents listening to them instead of reading and save hours of close-up work.

In order to make progress we need to cut or avoid screen use (one of most important Jake’s advice) and I’m more and more concerned of smartphone use lately.

A workaround is to post it on youtube (you don’t have to record video, you can put a blank screen), set it to “Unlisted” (so it can only accessible by those who knows the exact link to the video) and post it here.

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I would not like that at all. I can read faster than nearly anyone can speak, and although you can speed up the audio, it distorts voices unpleasantly. I get very impatient with slow speakers, even in real life. Patience is not one of my virtues. I am less concerned about computer screen time, especially with regularly breaks, and do not use a cell phone (I do have one for emergencies, but it is always off, in my bag, and only comes driving with me. Only a few people know the number.) For phoning I still have a land line, and when the livebox is switched on (off at night) there is a free phone service for all local and many international calls that comes with my internet subscription. I am also fairly sensitive to emf’s and have nothing wireless in my house. The two things that set of my emf meter alarm are the microwave part of my oven (no longer in use other than for convection heat) and the cell phone.