Avoiding YT Deplatforming

Because of the Improvement Pill thing that’s gone down, and fears over deplatforming, when I get the chance I’m gonna backup all my content to a free platform like Bitchute and double upload going forward. Nobody watches stuff on there ofc, but YT can and will take us down, potentially shredding loads of hard work.

If anyone wants me to scrape every upload they’ve done and throw it on there for them on a new account for them let me know (@jakey @gemilymez)


Thanks to @JeremyCouch, it appears Odysee (formerly LBRY) makes this extremely easy: Get Your YouTube Channel On Odysee

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I would suggest you keep the comments off so you don’t get flooded with all the antisemitic conspiracy theory trolls.

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LOL :rofl:
It’s my god given right to have a short body of text, forum

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Whatever happened to body positivity?


I keep a backup on Vimeo but of course … yea another backup would be wise.

Some days I wonder about the irony potential: We get deplatformed, I get pissed off, start posting on all those alt-conspiracy platforms. Endmyopia gets huge because those are the exact people who don’t buy mainstream stuff and love themselves a good global conspiracy.



[Alex Jones Voice]
Folks, you already bought the water filter, now its time to look at how the Globalists are destroying your eyesight. The New World Order doesn’t want you to see what’s happening and they’re literally making you pay to be short-sighted. Next I’ll discuss the Global Myopia Conspiracy with our guest Jake Steiner… Jake, What’s the first thing people can do to stop the Globalists from destroying their distance-vision?


That would be exactly my angle.

They’re way, way better off leaving us alone. Endmyopia already exists mainly because of the bullying and arrogance.

This would be so super easy to reformulate into a giant conspiracy. :joy:


I have copies of all my videos on … a mess of hard drives. Which I may have to spend hours or days trawling to find, so… Yep, yes please, do it. I honestly doubt we will be taken off youtube, but no harm in being safe.



Started syncing it, this was ridiculously easy on Odysee/LBRY, just a few button clicks and it should sync any upload I make in the future.

You’ll never get me optometry industry
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Now the question is just, does Google look at who publishes on these (what I bet they consider to be) tha ghetto … fake news platforms of wild conspiracies and anti-you-name-its also, and “adjusts” the channel’s visibility and things subtly?

Ok fine, I’m paranoid. :joy: