🎙 Awesome Health Podcast: The Endmyopia Episode

Another day, another podcast … ?

Or so it would seem. Actually the last few episodes that have all dropped recently have been recorded over the past 5+ months, and some of them have been in the works for the last couple of years even (in Luke’s case we’ve been talking about doing one for about two years now).

When it rains it pours though, so everything is coming out at the same time. :laughing:

Awesome Health Podcast is a big one.

Here’s the endmyopia episode: https://bioptimizers.com/jake-steiner-090/

If you want to cringe hard, also in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPYXtFE6cqY

Bioptimizers and Wade are actually quite a big deal to get onto. They’re selling supplements (a LOT of supplements). Money talks and more money talks a lot, and everyone chats with Wade in the online health space.

Check out his guest list, it’s everyone (Dave Asprey to JP Sears, and you-name-who all been on this podcast): https://bioptimizers.com/awesome-health-podcast-archive/

This is a bit of the less glamorous and more reality behind-the-scenes stuff. Fixing eyes is great, but the large majority of the actual work is the less glamorous bit of talking to the right people, who get you in front of the audiences that will actually make your thing something that people know about and try.

The exact things I’ve personally resisted getting into with endmyopia. Your favorite old Jakey does a lot of the “Rolodex” thing (remember those?) for the quasi day job, calling people, exchanging favors, being serious about da bizznississs.

Endmyopia on the other hand, always the morning procrastination of silly Photoshops and obscure rants. Been very slightly working in the direction of taking things a tiny bit more seriously so we’re not ending up in an endless loop of never changing or growing. It’s definitely paying off in a lot more exposure and grown-up style interactions.

Above basically just to say, LOOK AT THE OLD BEARD DOING ACTUAL WORK OVER HERE. :laughing:

Please support these episodes with comments and thumbs ups and whatnots. They’re really difficult to get onto and we want to make sure the show hosts feel good about their guest choice here.


left the first comment on https://bioptimizers.com/jake-steiner-090/ :grinning:


Huh, I actually know some name from that list :smiley: Which means a lot, because usually when people says “oh big names” I’m just blinking and have absolutely now clue. JP Sears has awesome humor :rofl:


Dropped a like and a comment :slight_smile:


Heh, me too.

Actually I did a few podcasts in the last round (last year?) where I didn’t even have any idea that they were fairly big. On the positive I’m way more relaxed if I don’t feel like I’m about to screw up and miss huge opportunities.